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  • Meet Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta, top digital marketers of India 2021

    Published on March 20, 2021

    Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta coming closer to dream of registering their company in the list of India’s top digital marketing agency.

    Top Experts suggest that you focus on content and digital customer strategy as two important areas that need rethinking in a post-pandemic world.

    It took years to understand that traditional marketing methods are no longer working for expanding business in India. We see a surge in digital marketing in India from the last five years. Many top names are coming out as top Digital marketers who help brands and Individuals expand their reach and business. 

    Top Digital marketing experts of India:

    Out of five top digital marketing companies, we would like to write about two of the best Digital marketing experts of India who are doing advanced digital marketing in India and slowly taking giant in online marketing. 

    Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta leading digital marketers of India:

    Started at the age of 18, both digipreneurs of India, Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta, are now coming to India’s top advanced digital marketing experts.

    Advanced digital marketing techniques 2021:

     Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta have worked hard to come this far in life, and they know this is just and starting. But by coming this far, they can create a good lifestyle for themselves, and now brands and individuals are recognising their talent and joining hands with them for top digital marketing services. 

    The vision of establishing a top Digital Marketing agency of India:

    The good thing about Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta is that they are still the same while dealing with clients. 2018 was a life-changing year for both of them as their freelancing service became authorised as they came up with their own company.

    A to Z Digital Marketing services to Top Bollywood and Punjabi Films industry:

    Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta are self-made entrepreneurs and top digital marketers of India. Worked extremely hard to register their name in the top list of digital marketers in India. Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta are known for giving A to Z digital marketing services from Social media marketing to SEO, Content marketing, and everything.

    In the past few years, they have given their digital marketing services to many Bollywood and Punjabi Celebrities’ big names with their expertise. Both Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta are becoming household names in Bollywood and Punjabi film industry when it comes to digital marketing. 

    Managing Promotional work of top Celebs and brands:

    Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta promotional work are fantastic. They know how to use social media to expand the reach of celebs organically. There, work is not limited to India. They are also giving their digital marketing services to many top companies in foreign. 

    Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta are thoroughly professional and topmost digital marketing experts in India. Their innovative skills and creativity are just class apart from others in the digital marketing field.