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Meet Uma Mansharamani: A life Coach Who Has Changed Several Lives

A life coach plays a crucial role in helping people set and reach their personal goals and create a life they love. A life coach works with an individual to help them figure out what they want out of life, help them make plans to get there, and then guide them along the way.

If you feel like your life is adrift and you need a coach to help you get back on course, Uma Mansharamani is the person you need to connect with. Over the past five years, she has assisted over 2500 individuals in overcoming challenges and effectively reversing the course of their lives and/or businesses.

As a TEDx speaker, trainer, author, and life and business coach, Uma Mansharamani has a wide range of professional experience. She’s a “Business Doctor” who uses techniques like the “Law of Attraction” and the “Manifestation of Wealth and Contentment” to help business owners reach their full potential.

In her coaching career, Uma Mansharamani has assisted numerous people in overcoming the effects of past experiences (such as trauma, anger, sadness, or anxiety). She has avoided the failure of businesses and the loss of human lives.

As a result of Uma Mansharamani’s guidance, many people have deepened their romantic relationships, found greater meaning in their lives, and accomplished remarkable feats.

It is said that experience is the best teacher one could ever have, which isn’t any different for Uma Mansharamani.

She was born in Daryaganj, Delhi-6, the second of five daughters. Her father, a civil servant, also assumed responsibility for her grandparents. Because of this, her childhood was filled with hardships as the family barely made ends meet due to him being the sole breadwinner with many dependents.

Already at a young age, it was clear that she would excel academically. The principal of her school wanted to promote her after seeing how quickly and easily she solved second-grade-level mathematical problems while still in nursery school. But her parents were adamant that she should not miss any class, so they did not agree to the principal’s proposal.

The struggles and hardships of her childhood taught her a lot about life, and it did not take her much time to get her foothold when she began her career.

She started as an exporter of clothing, and she made rapid strides. Within a short period, she became one of the Delhi-National Capital Region’s top exporters. Such was her brand’s name and fame that it even got listed on the BSE, and their public offering was more than 300 times oversubscribed.

But, with the ascent, comes the descent. Uma Mansharamani faced a similar situation when the empire she had created with her hard work came crashing down, making her lose everything. This downfall was mainly because two important clients turned rogue.

However, instead of giving up, she focused on improving her life and mindset. She enrolled herself in several training programs.

This crash was a blessing in disguise because it helped Uma Mansharamani find her true calling: helping business owners increase sales and profits, grow their businesses, build strong foundations, and add value to their personal lives so they can live well.

Uma Mansharamani received coaching from Ujjwal Uke, Ramon Lamba, and renowned composer Blair Singer. Eventually, she also went on to become a certified coach and trainer. She also attended workshops and classes of T. Harv Eker, Dr. Vijay Luxmi Pundit, and several other well-established and well-known trainers to keep herself abreast of the changing scenario.

Along with some entertaining skills like soap making and cosmetic manufacturing, she learned life coaching, the law of attraction, the law of manifestation, training the trainer, and public speaking.

Uma Mansharamani has wide experience delivering lectures and sessions at prestigious institutions and places like IICA’s MSME CAMPUS in Manesar in 2015, LPU in January 2018, ABESAC in Ghaziabad, and the Gautam University in Hyderabad, IILM Gurgaon among others.

With her expertise in life and business coaching, she co-founded Tajurba Business Network, P. Ltd. Through this training and networking platform, she offers entrepreneurs and professionals an environment conducive to their professional and personal growth.

Uma Mansharamani organizes Tajurba Talks and Tajurba Trainings, Workshops, and Seminars for business owners and professionals interested in professional and personal growth.

To help struggling businesses and their owners get their lives back on track, she wrote the book Business and Life Success for Entrepreneurs.

Uma Mansharamani has witnessed both sides of life. She didn’t even bug down in her lows. Because of her “never say die” attitude, her sessions are very effective. Visit her website, umamansharamani.com, to learn more about her courses and sessions.

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