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  • Meet Vaibhav Choudhary the man promoting sportsman on social media

    Published on June 3, 2020

    Vaibhav Choudhary is a social media influencer who is known to help sportsman and others grow on social networking sites. He uses his expertise and experience in social media in promoting them online getting a huge number of fans and followers. We had a talk with him, let’s check some of the excerpt of his interview as under:
    When and how it all happened? 
    It all started in 2014 when I found my friends active on social networking sites – Facebook. I joined it and started exploring the various tools in it. Soon, I found these platforms getting popular when I saw people started using them for business promotions. This made me feel that I can get an expertise in it and start helping people promote their businesses online. This ended me up becoming a social influencer.
    How are you using your social influencer life? 
    After working with various businesses and individuals I was able to attract Pro Kabaddi players to take care of their lives on social media. I loved this work as I used my expertise in social media in promoting sportsman garnering a good amount of fans and followers. Slowly and steadily I was also able to attract a few IPL players and now I intend to work with much bigger players helping them to get into touch with their fans and followers.
    What is your success mantra? 
    When I started social media marketing, many laughed on it but I remained consistent and focussed on my efforts. So, I call these two traits to be my success mantra in becoming a competitive social influencer for sportsman. I think in any profession, these two traits make a huge difference in getting success.
    Any message for people looking to make a career in social media? 
    Social media is the new buzzword in the current world. However, to make a career in this field or emerge as a social influencer, one has to be serious enough to learn and master the tools and things around social networking sites. Learn and explore things the best and start doing things with passion and commitment, and trust me the lady luck will surprise you with success. But have patience to really feel it!