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  • Meet visionary educationist and founder Sanjay S. Gowda creating ripples of growth in the education sector

    Published on May 25, 2022

    The passionate Indian talent’s life and the many bold decisions he made are inspired by his mother’s sacrifices.

    Wondrous are all those success stories that have been created from the ground up and those that were driven by the real life sacrifices of people near and dear to them. These success stories exude pure passion and a genuine purpose to lead their brands or businesses to the top while stamping their name at the forefront of their respective sector. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible gentleman and a passionate soul who decided to take over the education sector, taking inspiration from the sacrifices of his mother and her teachings in life; he is Sanjay S. Gowda, the man behind Vardhaman Public School.

    His late mother’s sacrifices have been a guiding force in his life to spread the good among others and be a compassionate soul to give back to society. That is how he decided to get into the educational realm and help create bright minds for the future, creating a unique education system. Today, he proudly serves as an educationist and Chairman of Vardhaman Public School, Sira. Born on 17th September 1987, he hails from Sira, Tumkur district, and was born to father S. Shankarananda and mother, Smt. P. Vedavathi. While studying for his Bachelor’s degree, he lost his father, which led his mother to take on every responsibility on her shoulders, which led Sanjay S. Gowda to complete his Master’s in Business Administration.

    To take care of his family, which also consisted of his two elder sisters, he began his career in 2012. However, things took a turn when his mother got diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastasis Endometrial Cancer, and, in 2017, he lost her. But, keeping his mother’s teachings by his side, where she always focused on the importance of education, in 2018, he decided to enter the education sector and even began attending many school annual day functions as a Chief Guest and ultimately opened his own school Vardhaman Public School, which today has grown to be a renowned school in Sira in the pre-school segment. In 2018, Sanjay S. Gowda had even conducted a Parents Orientation Programme for almost 1,000+ parents across schools.

    The following year, in Chandigarh, he attended the webinar about Parents’ Children Education and this year even started writing articles in renowned Kannada magazines about the merits and demerits of online classes and how to become the best parents. He also writes for Sanjevani newspaper daily in the Education corner column while also writing for his own editorial magazine called The Best Parents.

    He has even participated in several TV panel discussions for creating awareness among parents about education. Sanjay S. Gowda’s contribution to the education and social activity niches has earned him great accolades and recognition.

    Indeed, Sanjay S. Gowda has become a renowned educationist in the entire state of Karnataka.


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