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  • Wednesday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:57:22
  • 11sixes has been built from the ground up and without any inputs or interference from the Chinese investors. A small dream of two young entrepreneurs from Jaipur, in now the massive in-house fantasy sports application of the country. It did not happen in a day and wasn’t even possible without the efforts of the 11sixes team and its Co- founder Yogendra Singh Shekhawat. A true visionary has toiled day and night for almost two years to build the brand that 11sixes has now become.

    Yogendra Singh Shekhawat was a heavy hitter from the start. He has had a long history of bolstering the brand’s reputation and boosting revenue. He drafted the strategy for 11sixes to make it popular among the Indian audience with big applications like Dream 11. The idea was to create a solemn ecosystem for gamers to develop their teams in the ongoing tournament. Being a fantasy application, 11sixes takes the player’s experience to peak heights to make accurate predictions on the game and the player’s performance.

    I asked Tarun Singh Shekhawat the Co- founder about his plans for a future vacation, which seems necessary after the immense hard work he has put into the company. On the contrary, Tarun Singh Shekhawat has no plans of stopping any time soon. He said: “11sixes is here to stay. We are proud that the application is built in India and reflects the capacity of Indian entrepreneurs to embark on any journey and make it a success. I won’t stop now, or 11sixes’ growth would come to a screeching halt.”

    On being asked about the engagement of the fantasy sports application and its market in India, Yogendra Singh Shekhawat said: “It is an unexplored niche of the gaming community that is slowly spreading its roots in India. India enjoys cricket and treats it as a religion. We want to give the fans a chance to make real-time predictions on who will win and then award them for their correct predictions.”

    He further added: “I wanted to make it different from other fantasy sports applications that just focused on cricket tournaments. Now, we have introduced both cricket and football and plan to introduce more games that share less spotlight in India. We believe in Fairplay and are against any fraudsters prevalent on our servers. If you think you can deceive us, do give it a try, and I guarantee that you wouldn’t be ever back on our platform.”

    Conversation with founders:

    In our conversation with the founders, they shared their aim and thought behind the success of 11sixes, “We have developed 11Sixes to provide clean, enjoyable user interface and real cash winning to fantasy sports lovers. We are new in this field, so we have to face many upcoming & difficult challenges with our competitors, but we are determined & filled with hope & positivity that we will face it with triumph. Millions of people around the country are playing and winning real cash prizes on our app daily. We are also working on constant improvements to provide better experience to the users, as people are moving towards digital media.”

    “By defining our priorities and investment criteria centrally, we believe we can better diversify risk, and also capture opportunities through aligning our businesses with trends in the Indian fantasy marketplace,” they added.

    How to Play on 11 Sixes

    • Step 1: Signup with 11sixes and get bonus of Rs.2000 as well infinite referral bonus .
    • Step 2: Select match on 11sixes cricket page, you’ll get list of upcoming matches that you can select in.
    • Step 3: Now select your own players from two competing teams with your analytical skills, creating a best team will make you win big cash rewards.
    • Step 4: Once your team is ready you’ll be headed to contest page, select cash contest or practice contest accordingly.
    • Step 5: After contest selection you are all set to earn real cash with 11sixes. Now just track the performance of your team and keep an eye on leader board to check your rank.

    Step 6: Once winners are officially declared, your team ranking and winning amount will be visible on leader board. Withdraw your money easily by completing your verification


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