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  • Meet Young Producer , Influencer & Entrepreneur: SIMMA DHALIWAL

    Published on September 1, 2021

    Behind any remarkable dream is a dreamer who never gave up on his passion. While achieving your dreams is not easy, the experience at the end of it all is most often rewarding and enlightening.

    Simma Dhaliwal legally Harsimran Singh Dhaliwal, who hails from Firozpur, Punjab, set himself up as an producer cum influencer at 19 years old and became a social media influencer to be considered all over India. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out his Instagram.He was born on 14th June 2001. With age, he comprehended the significance of social media and acknowledged that regardless of how troublesome the energy is, everybody has the option to get it. Today, Simma Dhaliwal functions as a force to be considered with notable artists and celebrities of Punjabi music industry and is likewise called Entrepreneur and influencer by his knowledge and skill.

    Notable work by Simma as a producer includes :Kuware Jatt (https://youtu.be/h_JXsHhRRGU),

    Mere Naalde (https://youtu.be/tQubIL5eGsY),

    Four by 4 (https://youtu.be/2HjoKGMsGEY)

    & Gangster Jatt (https://youtu.be/YIbLtThNvRU) by David Sandhu. 

    Simma Dhaliwal, whose family foundation is identified with the internet technology and youth, turned around it. This inspiration urged Simma Dhaliwal to turn into a social media influencer. Due to his unique fashion style, He is called the top Instagram Influencer in Punjab.
    Despite all these , he’s very active on social media whether we talk about his involvement in organising international tours for huge models such as Aamber Dhaliwal & Aaveera Singh Masson or promoting upcoming artists . Simma Dhaliwal is all jack of trades and most of the Punjabi singers believe he’ll be somebody one day and will be appreciated by an enormous crowd worldwide.


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