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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:19:04
  • Mumbai: In the post-COVID world, we have witnessed an increased inclination towards taking things virtual. The impact caused by virtual events has been at par with physical events but still has been treated apprehensively. However, virtual events do not have to be a mere replacement for physical events, they can also transcend them and help boost business if one utilizes technology well. this is precisely what LivePixel Technologies and LivePixel Events International have done with Megaa Virtual Expo (MVX).

    Event Wizard, Mr. Ssamridh S Aggarwal, COO, LivePixel Events International and Mr. Rajeev Dwivedi, CEO, LivePixel Technologies disrupted this space creating a unique platform, Megaa Virtual Expo (MVX) for businesses to host impactful virtual events and exhibitions in a seamless manner.

    Since virtual Events & Exhibitions become the new normal, there is a growing need to make them as engaging as possible for the audience, and lucrative for the businesses. Megaa Virtual Expo (MVX) does both. MVX is a web based Virtual Events platform built upon 3D virtual environment incorporated with user analytics to help businesses generate a valuable analytical data which can be used after the event for business purposes. This virtual events platform helps to host events in a CG environment giving it a real world feeling, and helps the attendees move around the venue just like one moves in a real world event. The analytical data exported after the event can be used to boost the business’s sales or to build up the business by knowing the areas where the user was interested in.

    Mr. Ssamridh S Aggarwal, COO, LivePixel Events International elaborated on the impetus behind this innovation “We believe that any event, be it virtual or physical, should be an experience to remember. Megaa Virtual Expo creates such experiences because of its features.”

    Mr. Rajeev Dwivedi, CEO, LivePixel Technologies also pointed out that “virtual events do not have to be a mere imitation of physical events, we have harnessed technology to create a platform that has advantages which physical events do not have.”

    by sachin murdeshwar