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  • Microchip Developed by Heritage Institute of Technology becomes the First of its kind in India developed by any Engineering College

    Published on May 4, 2019

    Proud to state that Heritage Institute of Technology (HITK) completed 32Kb Memory IP Design of a Micro-chip (Mercury2) before schedule for a Product Development Project (Research towards Productization) under Prestigious India Chip Program (Make in India Initiative) in collaboration with eCOE (Electronic Center of Excellence, supported by ESSCI, Skill India). To provide the back-ground, this project by eCOE is under Indo-US joint project scheme as sponsored by IntelIUSSTF and DST having partnership with NJIT, Univ of California, Stanford University and IIT Delhi. HITK is the academic Partner of eCOE (HITK signed MOU last year with eCOE). This Micro-chip Mercury2 is going to be a SOC (System on Chip) IOT solution for smart sensing at edge or Fog computing in Indian environment for real time environment monitoring system. This Micro-chip will Tape-out by end of June 2019 (once other modules are done and integrated together) and is expected to be Manufactured Silicon by August, 2019.
    The Memory Module (IP) that we (HITK) developed has almost Quarter Million Physical Transistor in only 248um x 235um Si Area, satisfying Industry Standard Design Criteria (Power-Performance-Area) using one of latest Technology (65nm) for mixed signal product (Analog + Digital) to be manufactured by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation), best foundry in the world Today !!  This scale of integration and Density is going to be First time by any Engineering College in India.
    The project was executed by Prof. Krishanu Datta, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication, HITK and his 8 students from B.Tech- ECE and M.Tech- VLSI, HITK. “A proud moment for Heritage Institute of Technology where we provide excellent support to our students and faculty members in Research and development,” said Mr. P.K.Agarwal, CEO, Heritage Group of Institutions Kolkata.