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Microvita: A Compelling Concept to Know Corona

Dr. Acharya Pashupati Steven Landau MD 

With much of the world’s population in residential lockdown today, deeply thoughtful and concerned people throughout the world are wondering what has brought the world to this current disturbing state of affairs, and what are the immediate and the long-term solutions. We are here describing the theory of microvita, some examples of it, and how its use can benefit humanity and the world.

Tantric Guru Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti) in 1986 gave the theory of microvita, the “mysterious emanation of Cosmic Factor.” In lectures given to the Ananda Marga Yoga Society, he described tiny subtle living entities traveling throughout the universe, contributing to the creation of life and minds, and also causing diseases. The crudest and largest microvita can take the form of viruses like COVID 19 and can be seen with a highly developed microscope. Subtler microvita are not visible but are known by their actions. It is thought they are carried by cosmic rays, travelling the universe, affecting life and evolution on Earth. The subtlest microvita carry ideas that can inspire people to good or bad and can be perceived by humans with highly developed and spiritually oriented minds.

Subtler microvita group together to help form carbon atoms and are involved in the actual development of life. Microvita help maintain a balance between mind and body, and they come in two flavors – positive and negative. Positive microvita elevate the mind, and negative microvita focus on the body. The effects of either ones can be beneficial, harmful, or neutral. Negative microvita can be utilized by good people to develop our physical environment, and to enhance the qualities of physical bravery in those lacking it.

At times negative microvita become too prominent, making the minds of individuals highly focused on the material world and its sensory pleasures, with little concern for the welfare others. This can lead to physical and mental illnesses and social decay.  The COVID 19 epidemic appears to stem from a world flooded by negative microvita and dominated by selfish individual and group interests.  However, the current coronavirus seems to have taken hold in brutally caged industrial animal factories, slaughterhouses and meat markets. These are the dark centers of pain and suffering, death and decay that were also incubators for SARS, COVID, Swine flu, and Bird flu viruses. We believe that negative microvita are strongly attracted to such negative environments and foul-smelling environments. The resulting epidemics have brought to our attention the need to create a better society that excludes such unnecessary pain and suffering, even among our friends, the animals. And, of course, we know that Global warming is directly and significantly worsened by the methane produced by these caged animals and the huge carbon footprint created by the fuels necessary to feed, transport, refrigerate and cook them.

Global society today has become very unbalanced—physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. There are huge disparities in wealth distribution, gender equality,  and freedom of expression. The rights of animals and plants are being trampled, and many species are daily becoming extinct. Global warming is an ever-increasing menace.  For this reason, P.R. Sarkar propounded a new socio-economic approach called PROUT, the Progressive Utilization Theory, to create a balanced, non-exploitive society that ensures “the good and happiness of all.”  To make PROUT work, the world needs a surge of positive microvita, attracted and directed by loving and spiritually elevated persons, to bring balance that supports all round development and progress. These positive microvita will help us to raise our social consciousness and accept the principle of social equality. It turns out that the techniques that attract these positive microvita are also those used to strengthen the immune system and promote physical, mental and spiritual health and progress. These techniques include meditation, yoga asanas, vegetarian diet, blissful singing and dancing, discussions of spiritual topics, and chanting of kiirtan with mantras like Baba Nam Kevalam (“Only the name of the Beloved”). Other approaches may also be found to be effective.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has brought the possibility of a healthier individual, social and economic consciousness. To take advantage of this dangerous opportunity,  we need to attract and utilize positive microvita by taking care of ourselves, each other, and all the other living beings on our beloved planet Earth.

Finally, we note that the seeds of a more benevolent society that attract and utilize positive microvita were sown by many saints and sages, and especially by two great Indian philosophers.  Patanjali in 200 BC was the first to codify the ancient tantric discipline of astaunga (eight-limbed) yoga and he gave society a moral foundation of Yama for social balance and Niyama for personal regulation. To further attract and utilize positive microvita, P. R. Sarkar in 1982 expanded the concept of humanism, the love of all people. He created a new philosophy known as Neohumanism, which includes a love of all of created beings, animate and inanimate.  Neohumanistic education, currently employed in hundreds of schools around the world, counteracts the negative microvita associated with xenophobia, racism, religious prejudice, sexism, isolationism and inequality. We are hopeful, rather we expect that with the help of positive microvita, this Neohumanistic trend will continue and expand, bringing a new Renaissance onto this Earth.

(The author is a medical doctor, Board Certified in Family Practice in the USA. He is also a Senior Acharya and is President of AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) in the USA.

Contributors to this article are 1. Dr. Richard Gauthier (Rudresha), Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Stanford University Department of Chemistry and Physics, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California, USA.

2. Dr. Sid Jordan Ph.D. (Acharya Vishvamitra), a licensed clinical psychologist and yoga/meditation teacher since 1971. Currently president of the board and teacher at the Prama Institute and Wellness Center and president of board of Ananda Marga Gurukula USA

3. Dr. Frank van den Bovenkamp, independent researcher and editor http://www.microvita.info

4. Acarya Viitamohananda Avadhuta, Dharma Pracar Secretary, Ananda Marga Pracaraka Sam’gha)

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