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  • Mobicule Helps USHA International go Mobile

    Published on January 5, 2011

    Mumbai: Mobicule, a leading provider in enterprise mobility solutions today announced that it has mobile enabled Usha International Limited, one of India’s leading consumer durable manufacturing & marketing companies and deployed msales™, an end to end mobile based sales order management solution from the Mobicule™ stable that facilitates real time information exchange between the back office and the field staff.

    An organization with a large distribution network spread across the length and breadth of the country, Usha’s sales force faced the challenge of immediate order reporting and accessing information related to its sales and inventory. The lack of real-time visibility also impacted the processing and decision making by the back office staff.

    Typically, the sales personnel used to take orders & register them into their SAP (ERP) at the end of the day – only to then realize that a particular product was not in stock or the committed pricing was incorrect. This led to a lot of order cancellations and increased customer dissatisfaction. Even getting simple information for the dealer like the status of their orders and outstanding was a time consuming activity and involved a lot of coordination with the back office team. Today, post deployment of the msales product, Usha International has significantly transformed its sales process.

    Subodh Dubey, Group CIO, Usha International Limited said “As a company, we are always keen to deploy technologies that enhance the value that we provide to our stakeholders. The msales solution from Mobicule™ has helped Usha to greatly enhance the order management process which has further translated into better customer service and expected to improve sales. Our sales executives now have complete real time information on their mobile handsets to effectively execute their sales. We have jumped directly to the mobile platform by bypassing the web,” Usha International Limited is also the first consumer durable company in India to use a mobile based sales order management integrated with their SAP.

    Today, the company’s sales personnel have access to information pertaining to stock levels at the dealers point. They can view stock information, create and submit orders and inform dealers of their outstanding payments and order status using the msales a mobile application on a GPRS enabled mobile phone connected real time to their SAP ERP. The result – an expected 20 percent boost in sales force productivity (Sales personnel can make 10 calls a day now instead of 8), shortened customer response time and increased executive insight in sales activities.

    “Usha International joins the growing list of customers across verticals who are using our enterprise mobility solutions to empower and transform their sales force by giving them control and access to actionable information,” said Siddharth Agarwal , CEO, Mobicule™.

    In a country as large and diverse as India, lack of basic infrastructure as PCs, internet and electricity can be a big challenge. Usha International tackled this monumental challenge innovatively with a simple ubiquitous tool such as the mobile phone.