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    Mohammed Rashid Khan charts a success story for himself as a young Indian multipreneur in the UAE

    Published on September 16, 2021

    The way he has been stepping foot across industries and enchanting people with his successes, he has proved his mettle in entrepreneurship.

    Not all those who wander are lost is a quote we have heard since years. However, it stands true for some of the greatest talents in the entrepreneurial world today, who have had their expeditions in business and over the years made their special niche by getting into fields they always wanted to create waves in. To enter such competitive industries has never been a rosy road for anyone, but still, with challenging oneself, becoming risk-takers and believing in their dreams, some of them decided to go against the tides and create milestones in their respective industries. The world of entrepreneurship has given birth to innumerable such talented youngsters, but young professionals like Mohammed Rashid Khan still stand unique.

    “Just like any other kid from the neighbourhood, I was too thrilled by the idea of starting my career at a very early age. Out of the many industries that fascinated me, I was always attracted to the whole of the business world. Hence, I was aware where I wanted to be in life and for that was also ready to go under the grind,” says the 31-year-old multipreneur who has been making it huge not in one but several industries in the UAE today.

    Born in June 1990 in Gujarat, India, he did his schooling at The Indian School, Bahrain and did his higher studies at the University of Brighton, United Kingdom. With the aim to create his career in entrepreneurship, Mohammed Rashid Khan knew he would have to fight tooth and nail for making it big in the industries he desired to be a part of. However, fearlessly he kept moving on his path, faced the struggles and the challenges and chose to be a winner in his entrepreneurial journey by creating his businesses across different industries like cryptocurrency, petroleum, entertainment, real estate, and government projects as well.

    Mohammed Rashid Khan believes that people must never fail to grab opportunities but also emphasizes creating opportunities for themselves, which can turn individuals into refined talents. It helps them discover many new talents and skills in them and makes them their best versions. The Indian multipreneur is now a renowned name in the UAE also because he raised the Indian Flag in Skydive Dubai 13K ft. above for honouring the selfless efforts of Covid-19 from line warriors.

    In entrepreneurship, as a young talent still in his early thirties, Mohammed Rashid Khan has raised his stocks in the industry and motivated other budding entrepreneurs to follow his path of hard work and innovations. Do not forget to connect with him on Instagram @rashidkhan to know more.