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  • Mohd Zaki, a man who knows no barriers

    Published on August 4, 2021

    Mohd Zaki is a highly trained digital marketing specialist. He might have less experience, but this guy is already dealing with lots of international clients. Zaki is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India who currently owns many companies like firenetinfotech and theghaziabadtimes.
    Firenetinfotech is all about web designing, application development, digital marketing, and content creation. Theghaziabadtimes is another startup, which will deal with daily IT news and opportunities for new business owners to market their products.

    Zaki was always fascinated by online marketing techniques. He loves the world of technology. He started this journey from his hometown, which is Ghaziabad. He traveled to many places to gain information about different businesses and their growth requirements.

    In August 2019, he decided to start a new platform to help anyone who needs online exposure. It’s how Firenetinfotech was born in his hometown. Now, he is planning to establish more offices in India and the USA.

    Zaki’s Vision
    “To create a team of highly qualified developers, marketing professionals, web designers, and counselors, who can provide A to Z solutions to the startups. He believes in creating an unbreakable bond with his clients with a commitment to high-quality products and unmatched services.”

    Apart from Firenetinfotech, Zaki’s next venture is theghaziabadtimes wherein he is planning to provide training courses for individuals who wishes to start a new business. Or old brand owners who want to grow. In other words, anyone who believes in himself or herself can explore endless possibilities to grow by following the right technique.

    Young entrepreneurs like Mohd Zaki and many others are true inspirations that you can achieve whatever you wish. If only you are determined, confident, and dedicated like Zaki. He has paved a path for lots of graduates who dream of owning a business.

    Mohd Zaki was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He belongs to a strict family where everyone has to do something to prove themselves, which could be tough for lots of individuals. But, Zaki knew that he is no less than anyone else in any manner. So, he decided at an early age that he will create his firm. Since the decision, he smashed all the barriers that can be forced by his mind or society.

    Zaki, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India is a man of principles now. He has taught us that one achieves all the goals by hard work.
    Believe in yourself and do not expect favors. Whatever you need, you can earn it.  https://www.facebook.com/mohdzaki07


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