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  • Mohd Zubair Ali setting high standards on instagram through his food blog

    Published on June 1, 2021

    If someone had told him a decade ago that he would be the most famous food blogger in Hyderabad; three years in a row, he would not have believed it, but he would do everything in his power to make it a reality. It’s not easy to abandon a well-planned future in hotel management for something as simplistic as food blogging, but this man makes the most difficult choice seem seamless. It’s none other than Mr. Mohammed Zubair, a.k.a. Hyderabad Food Diaries – Mr HFD

    The Hyderabad Food Diaries blog focuses on discovering new and old Hyderabad neighbourhoods. It includes everything related to restaurants, street food, restaurants, 5-star hotels, bars, lounges, and so on. The list seems endless but the story behind this is endearing at the same time highly motivating.

    Mr Zubair Ali has an extended group of friends hailing from northern India. They haunted him with the query “Biryani Kahan Milegi?” during their visits to Hyderabad. This prompted him to launch Hyderabad Food Diaries to educate and raise awareness about Hyderabad’s food and nightlife beyond Biryani, Charminar shopping, and Irani Chai. Simply put, he wanted to show the world how massive and enormous the cuisine industry is, and to place Hyderabad on the map of one if one existed.

    He’s been food-blogging on Facebook and Instagram for a long time. On platforms that are continually surrounded by competition and changing algorithms, this man has done it all and made a name for himself. His Instagram followers, nicknamed the HFD Army, look forward to his night-time food rendezvous on his Instagram stories. His content makes you feel as if you’re right there with him. He provides comprehensive reviews, rating the food, the ambience, the experience, the presentation, and almost everything else.

    Though food blogging has been his full-time job for almost a decade and consumes his entire day, he remains committed to keeping the blogging world clean regardless of the genre of blogging. His Instagram direct messages are constantly inundated with questions from young and aspiring bloggers requesting advice from him, none of which go unanswered. Furthermore, he is involved with many non-governmental organisations and supports them in achieving their goals.

    With 110k+ followers, alongside while rightly earning many accolades, including the 6x TIMES Award for Best Food Influencer of Hyderabad and the Best Travel & Food Award by World Influencers & Bloggers Award India 2021; nothing is keeping him from becoming a global name and the day is not far from where he makes it a reality too.