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  • Mohit Kamboj Rising To Multisector Dominance in His Entrepreneurial Saga with Kbj Group

    Published on February 27, 2024

    Mumbai  :  Mumbai-based private conglomerate KBJ Group remembers and recounts its arduous road to becoming the massive enterprise it is today. The KBJ Group, formed by Mohit Kamboj, often known as Mohit Bharatiya, marked the start of this adventure in 2005. With a degree from one of Mumbai’s top universities and years of learning business acumen from his father in Varanasi, Mohit Kamboj, also known as Mohit Bharatiya, founded KBJ Group on February 17, 2005.

    Since then, the KBJ Group has expanded into several industries, including real estate, bullion, jewellery, and hospitality. Throughout its history, the corporation has placed a high premium on using its CSR initiatives to uplift others. Mohit Kamboj’s wife Aksha has actively contributed to the expansion of the company. The main factors in the KBJ Group’s long-term success have been her participation and the company’s rich history under her husband’s leadership.

    Mohit Kamboj’s Dynamic Evolution In Business From Gems To Grandeur 

    The KBJ Group started as a gold jewellery manufacturer and trader, known as KBJ Jewellery. After demonstrating the success of this endeavour, the KBJ Group decided to grow by founding KBJ Motors in 2008. After a year, KBJ expanded its diversification into more industries. They expanded into the hospitality, dining, building, and development sectors. Known by the name KBJ Developers, the business has built luxurious 3- and 4-star hotels as well as residential developments throughout India. The residential developments of the firm offer an opulent lifestyle and redefine comfortable living. Their five-star hotels in Goa and Bangalore are renowned for providing top-notch relaxation and experiences. The Luxor in Goregaon is a luxury residence project by KBJ Developers, and Hotel Grand, a five-star hotel project in Varanasi, is now under construction.

    Intending to achieve quality and innovation in jewellery creation, the KBJ Group founded Mishka Bullion and Jewellery in 2011. The company’s name is derived from Mishka Kamboj, the daughter of Mohit and Aksha Kamboj. Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery was founded by KBJ Group after Mishka Bullion and Jewellery. The business, called Avyaan Kamboj, is named after the son of Mohit and Aksha Kamboj and specialises in precious and alternative metal jewellery. One of the top designers, producers, importers, and exporters of precious and alternative metal jewellery in the business today is Avyaan Bullion and Jewellery.

    Mohit Kamboj Directing Agri-Revolution And Hospitality Heights For The Kbj Group

    Mohit Kamboj, also known as Mohit Bharatiya, founded KBJ Hospitality with experience in development and construction. The company’s initial investments were in chain restaurants located around Mumbai. KBJ Group finally launched KBJ Farming, making a big entry into one of India’s most important industries. KBJ Farming is a fast-expanding enterprise committed to bringing about beneficial changes in the agricultural sector. Improving both the quantity and quality of agricultural products in the nation is the main goal of KBJ Farming.

    Aksha Kamboj was recently brought into the management of KBJ Group. Previously, she had promised to dedicate her entire life to raising Mishka and Avyaan Kamboj. When the children got older and more involved in extracurricular activities, Aksha Kamboj decided to work for the family company. Her strategy and knowledge have been essential to KBJ’s success in its most recent endeavours. Aksha Kamboj, a competent and astute lady, is currently an executive director of the business. The KBJ Group is approaching greater milestones under her direction.

    KBJ Group’s success may be attributed to its balanced and responsible leadership style, which has allowed it to diversify its business and foster development. And since the firm plans to continue growing under Mohit Kamboj’s orientation, this development can only accelerate.


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