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  • Monthly groceries for Delhiites, now a refreshing click away!

    Published on June 14, 2011

    New Delhi:  Sitting in the A/C office and thinking about the finishing Monthly grocery at home, is something that every married working women does. It becomes more tedious when you come home tired and realize you forgot to order something important and now would have to wait for the thing to be delivered. Realizing the need to ease the way modern, fast paced, always low on time and high on stress consumers shop for groceries a new concept has been derived in the name of ‘Aaramshop’.

    Informing about the concept of Aaramshop, MD and CEO, Vijay Singh says “The consumers that AaramShop plans to address is 25 to 45 years of age, urban, females and males, professionals or well qualified “home maker by choice”, technology friendly, habitual users of computer and other connected devices and is definitely on Facebook along with her peer network. This consumer can log on the platform using their facebook accounts and then shop for the products they want to buy, they can then choose their nearby Kirana Store from our listed stores along with a convenient time of the delivery. This ‘Kiranawala’ would be informed about the order and it would be delivered to the address at the time mentioned with the payment of cash only on delivery.” He further adds “In this way the consumer would be much more informed about various other brands that are available for the same product and also their pricing along with their peer shopper’s recommendations thus a much better choice would be made for the same. Also since it can be done while you spend your time on facebook chatting with your friends it becomes an extremely easy and convenient way to shop for your groceries.”

    Talking about the thought process behind the concept, VP, Channel Engagement, Saurabh Shrivastava says “Some years ago, before the arrival of Large Format Retailers like Big Bazaars, the consumer was exclusively serviced by neighborhood based traditional retailers, where-in while shopping was convenient, it was not a pleasurable experience. Most outlets were cramped, congested and lacked the space for the consumer to make a choice between brands. The consumer had to ask for the product by name and the same was handed over across the counter. While these kirana walas pioneered the “phone based order” system, it still lacked the option of choosing from various brands. The consumer was looking for an alternative and that’s when the LFRs and MFRs started off and were immediately lapped up by a lot of consumers.” He then highlights “Shopping for essentials is considered to be more of a chore which has to be done – and very few people would look forward to the few hours of driving, parking, and then long waits at the check-out counters followed by the long trudge back home. This consumer any which ways has a very busy lifestyle, be it professional or social. The pressures of needing to excel in life mean that increasingly both the husband and wife pursue professional goals, which are demanding on time. 10 hours of weekly commute to and from work is common as is the long office hours. This consumer is always on a look out for things / services which would make life more comfortable and convenient and this is where Aaramshop comes in.”

    With over thousands of Products from over 100 FMCG brands and 32 categories to choose from, Delhiities can definitely look at having some fun even in shopping for the groceries. Covering almost all the important places of Delhi/ NCR in its pre launch phase ‘Aaramshop’ is looking forward to bringing the entire city in its ambit to give a little ‘aaram’ to its users. Mumbai, Bangalore and other metros would be covered within few months after the launch.