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  • More than 50 policemen who fled Myanmar in India. Myanmar border chief writes letter to India for return.

    Published on March 7, 2021

     by Bhupen Goswami 

    GUWAHATI : The army, which was ordering the use of force to the police to stop the post-military coup in Myanmar, crossed the Myanmar-India border by most of the policemen who did not obey these orders. In Myanmar, more than 50 police officers have crossed the Indian border and taken refuge in Mizoram during about a month after the army ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government from power. According to officials, the officers crossed the India border to avoid the orders of the Myanmar Army (Junta).

    Let us say that the Myanmar army has been accused of crushing the ongoing demonstrations in the country through force for quite some time. According to an Indian police official, most of the people who crossed the border to India entered the District of Chandai and Sarhid in Mizoram. It is noteworthy that Mizoram’s border is from Myanmar. Officials said, there were lower rank policemen who crossed the border and nobody had weapons. According to intelligence reports, many more police officers from Myanmar are now feared to be coming to India.

    The refugees who have come across the Indian border are yet to be identified. Deputy commissioner of the border, Kumar Abhishek said that five people, including some members of the same family, entered the district on Saturday in the international border, while three others did so on March 3. He said that some people have been kept in the community auditorium at Lungkahe at present.

    The district administration is providing them food. Chandfi Deputy Commissioner Maria C T Juali said that recently people from Myanmar have come to the district. The Deputy Commissioner said that recently more than 100 people from Myanmar tried to cross the border to take refuge in Mizoram but the Assam Rifles stopped them.  Let us say that in Myanmar last month, the army had carried out a military coup and ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s government from power.

    The army has also intensified action against the protestors who landed in protest against it. On Saturday itself, Myanmar’s security forces killed at least 66 protesters. This is the highest number of people who lost their lives in a day since the February coup. It is reported that the policemen are crossing the border and entering India due to these orders of vandalism on army protestors. US expresses grief:

    The US said on Wednesday that it was shocked and deeply saddened by the horrific violence against the people of Myanmar, which is peacefully demanding the restoration of civilian rule. “We call upon all countries to condemn the barbaric violence being committed by the Myanmar army against their own people and demand accountability for the action of the army, which has led many people in Burma to lose their lives,” state Department spokesman Ned Prize said.

    However, Myanmar has urged the Mizoram administration to send back eight policemen who had arrived in the northeastern state last month to seek refuge after a military coup in the neighbouring country.  An official informed that Mizoram has a 510 km long border with Myanmar. There have been large-scale demonstrations against the declaration of emergency for one year by the armed forces.  Champai District Deputy Commissioner Maria C T Juali said that her counterpart in The Falam district of Myanmar has demanded handing over to eight policemen who have come to India. The letter also says that eight Myanmar policemen have migrated to India. Earlier, a senior state Home Department official said on Friday that 16 civilians have crossed the Indian border and taken refuge in Mizoram since the military coup incident in Myanmar.


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