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  • Mosdex – A new age technology platform to generate passive income

    Published on August 29, 2022

    Mosdex has been expanding its cryptocurrency arbitrage service to institutions. Arbitrage trading can enable stable profits in a single transaction with relatively lower risk. It uses the price difference of coin prices between the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is also an automated program, thus ensuring safe profits through cross-exchange arbitrage.

    The company currently aims to expand its services to external users through a cryptocurrency arbitrage platform for institutional clients such as cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset managers. Launched in Bitcoin and USDT, the Mosdex crypto arbitrage service is an ideal way for ordinary users to create a passive income source. It shall allow its users wider access to newer and better revenue opportunities. Their new arbitrage platform uses Profit Sharing Model (PSM) to give entire security to assets of people.

    With a secure program and an expert team behind their back, Mosdex users can be sure that their business is in safe hands. It uses blockchain technology, which ensures reduced costs, simplified administration, accessibility, and is secure for multiple uses. When users look to initiate arbitrage in the cryptocurrency market, they face many hurdles. Hurdles like necessary thresholds, high fees, and illiquidity periods during the waiting time to transact, stop them midway. However, Mosdex through its differential technology can outpass all these.

    Mosdex’s flexible stalking product will allow the users to dynamically adjust and optimize the staking yield proportionally by an algorithm based on their individual utilization. Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) are available for flexible arbitrage staking. The company looks to introduce more coins in the coming days. It will continue identifying higher liquid projects with an established track record, especially those offering attractive arbitrage staking yield opportunities.

    The team at Mosdex believes that their new model will provide incentives in helping the platform to grow because the customers themselves will be sharing a part of the revenue generated by them. The company hopes this will lead to more successful transactions with more customers using and joining the platform. The company is honest in its ways that if no revenue is generated, then Mosdex shall receive no revenue share, and also no fees are charged.

    The user does not need to worry about losing their funds and finances, as all borrowers have to cover their losses. By using a product like Flexible Savings, the user can start to earn up to annually, depending on the coin or finances they provide. If the user is looking for even higher earnings, they can opt for Locked Savings. Locked Savings works the same way as Flexible Savings but rewards lenders even more for simply locking in their crypto for a fixed period.

    The Mosdex interface allows its users to access real-time and historical analytics for cryptocurrency spot and derivatives markets. It can help them to better arrange their savings, income, and expenses. The company also has ensured that this data shall also help its users to know the current ‘know-how’ of market rates and thus help them in arbitrating in a much better and smarter way.


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