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  • Although there’s certainly no arguing with the fact that sports are beloved the world over, depending on where you go – the game that will boast the most dedicated following can vary dramatically. Some nations have several sports that command a lot of attention, whereas others are monopolized by a fierce love of one game that outshines the rest. But whether or not your sports fandom of choice is a matter of national identity or what makes you the outlier among your countrymen, it is fun to see how other parts of the world compare. Here is a rundown of a few of the most popular sports by nation.


    Sports have played an important role in Australian identity since the beginning. If you spend much time on Sportsadda.com, you’ll already know that cricket is huge with the Aussies, alongside Australian rules football and rugby.


    If you come from the land of the ice and the snow, you’re well aware that Canadians prize hockey above all else. Well, even if you’re not from Canada – you likely already knew this. For the Canucks, hockey is a way of life.


    Due to its huge population, China has a diverse body of popular sports. Anyone who follows the Olympics will know that China regularly ranks high across a range of events. This ancient country has long been known for its association with the martial arts, and that relationship remains a strong one.


    Not unlike most of its European neighbours, football is a big deal in France. With close to 2,000,000 league players, there’s plenty of talent to watch. That being said, the French have another sport very near and dear to their hearts. Did you guess it? Cycling is naturally a big favourite in the country that hosts the sport’s most prestigious event.


    Another cricket stronghold, a way to make friends (or enemies) in India is to ask people about their favourite cricket team. If you’re looking to discuss something a little less controversial though, you can also bring up football, hockey, badminton, or tennis. All of these sports have a strong following and may be the number one sport depending on which region you’re in.


    Popular sports in Japan include both traditional Asian competitions and more recent Western innovations. Sumo, judo, karate and kendo are all big contenders for the top spot in Japanese sporting. Although without the cultural significance of their traditional Asian counterparts, western imports like baseball and football are both now commonly played.

    United Kingdom

    As the birthplace of many hugely popular sports, including football, rugby, golf, cricket, tennis, and badminton, you’ll find hardcore fans spanning several games in the UK. A country concerned with its reputation, you’ll also find that the British pour a lot of effort into their presence at international events like the Olympics and other big tournaments. Most would likely agree though, that if you had to pick one sport as the biggest source of national pride and identity throughout the UK, you’d be safe to pick football.

    United States

    Some experts argue that the sporting landscape in the United States is changing rapidly due to recent controversy surrounding some of the nation’s most popular games. Although it remains true that American football, followed closely by baseball and basketball, is still number one – there’s reason to believe that might not be the case forever. As hockey and soccer (football to Americans) continue to gain traction among new players, it is possible that the world of American sports could look quite a bit different in a decade or two.