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Mother Sparsh’s #AyurvedaForHairHealth campaign drives across the power of Ayurveda, clock 10 million reach

Mother Sparsh, a pioneer in baby care products that recently forayed into the unisex personal care segment, recently concluded the first leg of a unique campaign focused on the virtues of Ayurveda in hair care. More than 5,000 influencers from across different social media and digital platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, were roped in as part of the campaign titled #AyurvedaForHairHealth.

The first leg of the campaign, which commenced in February, registered an estimated reach of approximately 10 million users. Along with several mom bloggers and beauty and lifestyle experts, a few noted celebrities, such as television actresses Veebha Anand and Shikha Singh Shah, were brought on board as part of the campaign. The campaign’s objective was to drive across the pros of adding products that are Ayurvedic and based on age old recipes in one’s hair care regimen.

Talking about the campaign, Mother Sparsh co-founder Himanshu Gandhi said, “The #AyurvedaForHairHealth campaign is more about sensitizing the current generation of millennial about the boons of ancient herbs and Ayurveda rather then persuade the users to buy products. The USP of the drive were the user-generated content wherein people shared their real-life experiences about how bidding adieu to non-organic and non-natural products gave their hair and scalp a fresh lease of life.”
The initial buzz around #AyurvedaForHairCare was created with influencers sharing unboxing videos of Mother Sparsh hair care products that comprise expert formulations of age-old Ayurvedic and natural ingredients like Dashamoola, Japapushpa, Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Amla Reetha, Shikakai, Neem, Methi and other Ayurvedic oils. Following the initial buzz, the campaign went on to garner exponential visibility at a pan-India level.

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