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  • Tuesday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:16:53
  • Kolkata: Indian meal is incomplete without Dal-be it simple dal or lentil soup that serves as the comfort t food when paired with rice, or our favourite dal chawal. There are innumerable recipes and variations that can be made from Dals and Lentils across India. A typical traditional recipe is Bengal’s Dhokar Dalna. Dhoka or Dhokar dalna is a quintessential Bengali recipe that is usually made on special occasions. Mother’s Recipe, leading Indian food brand has launched its authentic and traditionally prepared Dhoka Instant Mix in Kolkata.

    This flavorful traditional Bengali dish was prepared as a part of ‘niramish’ (without onion or garlic).  However, over the years people have made it a part of everyday meals. Dhoka is a cake prepared of finest quality chana dal ground with spices, fried and then added to a curry or ‘Dalna’. Dhoka or Dhokar Dalna is typically served with rice, pulao, luchi or parathas. This protein-rich delicacy fulfills the nutritional requirements of a vegetarian meal.  The preparation starts right from soaking the dal overnight and is a tedious process. Today homemakers and working women are juggling between multiple roles and yet strive to provide home-cooked food to their families. Mother’s Recipe weaves in convenience along with tradition and is prepared using the traditional recipe with no added preservatives, artificial colour, and flavours.

    Commenting on the recent launch of the Dhoka Instant Mix Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe said “We at Mother’s Recipe are committed to creating and delivering products, which satisfy different taste palates and are appropriate for the Indian consumer. The recent launch of Dhoka Instant Mix is a product we are very proud of. Over the years we at Mother’s Recipe have expanded our product portfolio in pickles, chutneys, pastes, ready-to-cook, and instant mixes. We have always promoted healthy options with no added preservatives or artificial colors/flavors to our consumers.”

    The product is available in all local retail stores across Kolkata. Mother’s Recipe Dhoka Instant Mix is available in two SKUs – 100g at Rs. 35 and 200g at Rs. 65.


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