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  • Motivational speaker/life coach Nora Oliver introduces online Self Development Course

    Published on November 21, 2023

    WOBURN, MA : Nora Oliver, a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, the owner and CEO of coaching practice 10X Nora Oliver, today announced the launch of her online “Self Development Course,” now available to the public.

    You can hear Nora Oliver describe the course in her own words on her website, https://noraoliver.com.

    The course is a comprehensive personal development program designed to equip people with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in all areas of life.

    The personal development program can help people seeking to (a) enhance their careers; (b) improve relationships; (c) boost self-confidence; or (d) find inner fulfillment.

    “Self Development Course” offers:
    (a) Expert guidance: Learn from respected industry professionals with extensive experience in personal development, and who are committed to help individuals achieve their full potential

    (b) Flexible schedule: The online platform offers the ability for each participant to learn at his/her own pace and convenience; and the course can be accessed from anywhere

    (c) Actionable strategies: A carefully crafted curriculum delivers practical strategies, including goal setting and time management.

    “We have designed this course to help people on their journey toward personal growth and achieving success,” said Ms. Oliver, who added, “We’re excited to provide this program that is both helpful and extremely convenient.” She noted that the presence of Covid-19 over the last several years has caused people in some cases to re-think their in-person commitments, and that the online option provides the ultimate in convenience. Interested parties can visit https://noraoliver.com, or also access the online course via an app.  The cost of the course is $267.00.


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