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  • Move-in-Sync unveils Women Safety Handbook in collaboration with National Commission for Women (NCW)

    Published on March 14, 2019

    Move-in-Sync Technology Solutions (MIS), India’s largest office commute platform, today released a Women Safety Handbook for Women on the Move, in collaboration with the National Commission for Women (NCW)The handbook was launched by Smt. Rekha Sharma, Hon’ble Chairperson, National Commission for Women in New Delhi.  The event witnessed an insightful discussion between Ms. Shaili Chopra, Founder SheThePeople, Ms. Supreet Singh, Co-founder and COO Safecity and Ms. Swati Rangachari, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Sterlite Technologies. In addition to its Chairperson, NCW was represented by Ms. Meenakshi Gupta, Secretary, Ms. Soso Shaiza, Member and Ms. Shyamal Kunder, Member.


    The Women’s safety handbook is developed as a manual for promoting a safe commute experience for women on the move. The objective of the initiative is to equip women with the right knowledge on safety and boost their confidence. Move-in-Sync recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe ride sharing experience and strives to contribute towards a safer environment for women across the country. It is designed as a vital document for Corporate India in the interest of its employees for reinforcing industry best practices and for internalizing adequate safety measures.

    Speaking on the handbook, Smt. Rekha Sharma, Hon’ble Chairperson, National Commission for Women, said, “India is gradually evolving as more women have opened up about harassment they face without the fear of being stigmatized. Companies like Move-in-Sync have created a significant milestone in women safety for the benefit of women employees in India.   The aim of this book is to guide the growing urban workforce with a module that will bridge the safety issues that exist in our country. Employees’ today demand to not just facilitate a better work-life balance but also strengthen the Indian ecosystem with a better safety net for women. This book will provide the readers with ample value and guidance to enhance their confidence in the system of safe India for women. We believe that such collaborative efforts will inspire others to come forward and believe in the value of public-private partnership towards a national mandate. We believe in the safety agenda that has been carefully documented with MIS for working women in India.”

    Speaking on the launch of the handbook, Deepesh Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO of Move-in-Sync said, “As CEO and Cofounder of Move-in-Sync, India’s largest office commute partner, I am happy that we have been able to integrate most of NASSCOM’s guidelines into our safety features. As per a WHO study, 35% of women globally undergo some form of abuse while commuting. This has triggered the need for alternate, responsible employee commute solutions. These solutions will ensure the transportation is safe and hassle-free for employees and economically viable for corporates.”

    Safety of employees is the bedrock of all innovations and initiatives at Move-in-Sync. With its commitment to the above industry best practices, the company has closely worked with a Govt. agency, Hawk-Eye, for SoS support and aims to spread the benefits to different states in India. Further, a technologically structured scheduling system by Move-in-Sync enables companies to plan the schedules to ensure employees are safely placed with the use of an app/browser to schedule their pick and drop. Move-in-Sync has set up a state-of-the-art Central Security Command Centre, using specialized technology to track, monitor, and manage the activities of cabs/drivers on duty in real time.

    He further added, “Employee productivity is directly related to their well-being and with the IT, BPO and KPO sector being the largest users of employee transportation services with shifts and odd hours of operation, modalities for women safety are being adopted. Automation of employee transportation operations has been a major contributor to creating a safer ethos of women employees. This handbook is made as a simple first step towards a safer commute to and from work for working women in cities. In addition to the compilation of laws and guidelines, about safety of women in the workplace, it also includes simple tips that can be adopted. We deeply admire the work undertaken by NCW on women safety and are honoured to have collaborated with the apex organization on this milestone in bringing women across India a ready reckoner that will be their go to book for safe commute.”


    With Move-in-Sync’s comprehensive system, companies ensure that women are well protected through this system. Some safety measures include advisory on a well-defined transport policy by the company, fixed GPS devices in all vehicles for live tracking, panic button fitted in all vehicles along with a dedicated helpdesk with emergency/escalation contacts. Random checks for drunken driving are practiced and women employees’ mobile numbers are masked on devices for drivers’ use. In addition, SMS services for communication/notifications and an effective feedback mechanism is available to the riders. These measures are instrumental in driving the growth of corporate transportation ecosystem in India and addressing many concerns associated with it.


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