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mPowerO enables Robotex India to provide robotics education to underprivileged school children via its eLearning mobile app

mPowerO, one of the leading e-learning EdTech platforms, and Robotex India, a non-profit organization on a mission to teach new-age technologies to underprivileged, have announced the plans to train 2 lac students from economically weaker sections on the concept of Robotics over mPowerO’s eLearning platform. Until now, concepts like robotics or advanced STEM projects were only accessible to children from financially well families who are capable of paying the costly experts and purchase the costly robotic kits. The children from low-income and underprivileged homes find it difficult to learn robotics as they face financial constraints in affording the required devices.

Pilot Project in Pune

Learning STEM and Robotics projects at an early age can help in the overall development and increase practical understanding of concepts. Robotex India is aiming to bridge this need gap by using the new-age eLearning platform mPowerO. Robotex India recently conducted a FREE project for underprivileged children to make robotics learning accessible. The mPowerO eLearning app which hosted the robotics course was piloted with 500 students between 6th to 12th Standard, from government schools in Pune, Maharashtra. The fully digital course taught the children how to program and operate a robot via a combination of LMS (Learning Management Systems) and live sessions with the experts in a Hybrid model. The App-based anytime and anywhere learning offered convenience to the user and ensured continuity in the learning.

Post the successful completion of the pilot project, the team plans to extend this program to 2,00,000 students by the end of 2022. The organization is currently training close to 2,000 students on the concept of Robotics.

Program Module

The program curriculum over a hybrid learning model includes 18 modules of self-study, 12 pre-recorded sessions, 10 live classes, and 12 assessments. These students would be targeted from low-income homes with limited access to quality education and resources. Through this initiative, they get access to the parts and robotic kits that can be connected to their devices. 

“During the pilot project, it was quite encouraging to see the robotics prototype projects executed by these students in the multiple areas like agriculture, Covid-19 food delivery trucks, oxygen cylinders delivery, Biomedical contactless waste bin, etc. We at mPowerO are committed to improving students’ skills by offering the cutting-edge eLearning solution that provides seamless learning. The User experience for the teacher as well as for the students has received quite positive feedback. We are highly motivated to enable Robotex India to offer this training to the bright students and helping 2 lac more students hone their skills on the future technologies,” said Mr. Ananth Rao, Chairman, mPowerO.

“Coming from humble backgrounds with really limited resources, these students have the zeal to learn and create meaningful projects via STEM Robotics. This has encouraged us to take this program to a higher level now aiming to train 2 lac students and help them realize their dreams of becoming the next tech icon from India. The mPowerO solution has also helped the training be done smoothly to ensure continuous attention paid by the students as we scale up the robotic training to a larger students base,” said Ms. Payal Manan Rajpal, Director, Robotex India.

Learning robotics can empower underprivileged students to explore new career avenues which were previously out of their reach. Trainings without any financial constraints are likely to build confidence and forge unchartered paths through such education initiatives. According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global Robotic Process Automation market is expected to reach $3.97 Billion by 2025, growing at more than 30 percent CAGR.  

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