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  • Mr. Vinay Jain, Founder and CEO Grafdoer shares his success in an exclusive interview with APN NEWS

    Published on May 29, 2020

    by Sachin Murdeshwar

    Mumbai: Rising disposable incomes and change in lifestyle have raised the demand for luxury and modern bath fittings and accessories in the Indian market
    Mr. Vinay Jain, Founder and CEO Grafdoer in an exclusive interview with APN NEWS shares his success story and his vision to take the company to new heights. Grafdoer showcase the widest range of Bathware, Sanitaryware and Kitchenware known for Innovativeness, Reliability, Usability, Fashion, Design and Durability.

    Q1. How did your journey as a trader begin? Which industry were you trading in?

    Ans. After passing out of college I (Mr. Vinay Jain) came to Delhi to explore business ideas instead of joining my family business in Rajasthan. After a lot of contemplation, I started a trading business as a leading Bath Fittings manufacturer in Chawri Bazar. Somewhere inside my heart, I was not happy with the quality and consistency of products that I was trading. I always had a dream in my mind to establish my factory to produce high-quality products. Incidentally, after 4-5 years of trading, that time to fulfill my dream opportunity came knocking my way, when one of the suppliers/manufacturers of that Bath Fitting brand decided to wrap up his factory. After studying the production unit, I encashed this opportunity immediately and gradually set up my own production unit. Gradually this unit based out of Mayapuri was expanded till the end of 2019.

    Q2. What is the business model? What are some of the unique business strategies?

    Ans. The strategy was simple– produce a quality keeping Indian conditions in mind which is durable for years to come, create a range for every consumer from economy to luxury, create own distribution and service network and always innovate to improve based on consumers’ and trade feedback.

    Q3. How was the brand name selected by you? What does it mean?

    Ans. ‘Grafdoer’ is not an English word or from any other language. In order to be unique, a unique Brand Name is very much required. I always had ‘Doer’ in my mind and planned on using this in some way for my brand. After much contemplation, the word ‘Graph’ stuck me and after further contemplation emerged the name ‘Grafdoer’. To me, the word ‘Grafdoer’ meant a design/product which provides a practical solution.

    Q4. How do you see the market opportunities in luxury bath and sanitary fittings in India?

    Ans. In earlier times in India, bathroom furnishing hardly ever laid any focus on consumer’s priorities but off late Indian consumers has started beautifying their bathrooms. Bath fittings market in India has evolved over the decades from being perceived as merely a functional value product to the one which has more exciting features that makes the entire bathing experience exciting. The advanced range of bathroom solutions comprises bath tubs, basins, shower accessories, faucets, etc. with increased emphasis on luxury, style and elegance. Rising disposable incomes and change in lifestyle have raised the demand for luxury and modern bath fittings and accessories in the Indian market from the housing, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Growing demand for premium bathroom fittings has also drawn the interest of international brands. Now, many international brands are also entering the Indian market.

    Nowadays, modern bath fittings with single lever, thermostatic mixer are getting more popular day by day and a drastic change that one can see is in the ceramic products market for example, Matt color and electroplated color basins getting popular. We have very good expectations from Indian market for luxury bath fittings as spoken earlier; the rising disposable income will be a big factor behind this along with other factors like booming tourism, exposure of global market and rising awareness in public.

    Q5. What are some of your latest products which have received an overwhelming market response?

    Ans. Some of the latest products are – Thermostat diverters, new range of colored Taps, self-cleaning and temperature-controlled showers, unique health faucets, Kitchen Sink faucets with water options warm, hot and RO water outlet, R10 Bathroom sinks of 304 SS grade with 1.2 mm thickness, etc. which has received an overwhelming response from the market.

    Q6. What are the future plans for the company?
    A. We at bringing Innovative and durable products that are Made in India and suitable for every Home and Consumer. With the current situation of COVID-19 and keeping our customers in mind we have come up with a variety of touch-less product range such as – touch-less faucets, touch-less sanitizer and soap dispensers, hand dryers, etc., and too at an affordable price. We aim at giving customers what they need with the ongoing scenario to help them fight this situation without affecting their pocket.