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  • MSMEs to have Your Business in Your Pocket through SMBXL’s revolutionary MarketCentral App

    Published on April 16, 2024

     Hyderabad : SMBXL, a leading technology company that supports MSMEs, launched the MarketCentral App, which has been designed using feedback received from thousands of small and medium businesses across India. The App allows businesses to build a website in less than an hour, display their full range of products and services, manage sales and inventory, and generate billing and invoicing.

    The MarketCentral App is an extension of SMBXL’s MarketCentral platform which has over 65000 businesses from over 900 towns and cities across India. These customers include traders, manufacturers, and distributors, across a wide spectrum of industries including machine tools, retail stores, FMCG, textiles, electronics, leather goods, catering companies etc.

    The MarketCentral App caters to the technology appetite of small and medium businesses. The app allows for one-click operations and ensures that small and medium businesses have their ‘Business in their Pocket.’ The app’s central theme is not to miss an order or an update, and to become a one-stop solution tailored specifically for MSMEs and all their business requirements at one place.

    The salient and unique features of the amazing MarketCentral App are as follows –

    •            Build a website in five steps and display products and services online.

    •            Share a product or the entire catalogue in just one click.

    •            Manage orders, billing, and customers.

    •            Generate quotations, sales orders and invoices and share them with anyone through the app.

    •            Target and track monthly sales initiatives.

    •            Download and share Digital Business Card.

    •            Share your website with anyone through a QR Code.

    •            Reach out to more customers with Marketing Tools such as SEO Keywords and social media.

    •            Create Point of Sale orders easily using bar code from the mobile app.

    •            Manage your website at any time, effortlessly, without any technical knowledge.

    Available on Android and iOS, the MarketCentral App will support small and medium businesses to expand their activities, reduce costs and increase customers. The App has been built to intuitively manage the complexities and practices of small and medium enterprises.

    Speaking at the MarketCentral App launch, Preeti Ubale, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, SMBXL, said “We are pleased to announce the launch of the MarketCentral App as it has added an extra edge and value to our digital proposition. We have, over the last few years, aimed at simplifying technology for small and medium enterprises. This is important as we want our customers to understand the technology and ensure that they know how to utilize it fully. We believe in enabling our customers so that they can control their business, their sales, and their revenue. We are confident that it will change and transform the way SMEs experience and operate business.”

    The easy-to-use interface, sleek design and engaging navigating process sets it apart from other apps available in the digital realm.

    Existing MarketCentral customers can leverage the MarketCentral app’s capabilities to optimize their business processes and expand their reach. The central idea of the app is to stay connected with business stakeholders 24*7 with the ease of doing business from anywhere. This makes the MarketCentral App the perfect solution for MSMEs.


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