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  • Monday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:22:34
  • “We are delighted to hear of the launch of the road concretization mission. As a leading ready-mix concrete company, we view this as a valuable opportunity to contribute to the development of the metropolis and enhance the transportation infrastructure for the citizens. With over 1,200 km of roads already concretized or in the process of being concretized, this project will tackle the long-standing issue of potholes leading to traffic jams and accidents during every monsoon.

    The use of concrete roads has numerous benefits, one of which is increased fuel efficiency due to lesser traffic jams. The grey colour of concrete reflects light and visibility is better at night, resulting in faster and safer traffic movements.

    Concrete roads are not susceptible to damage from heavy rainfall or oil spills. It will improve ride quality, and minimal road dust which will result in a superior user experience and fewer health issues related to air pollution and the list goes on. We wholeheartedly embrace this initiative and eagerly anticipate working with the government and other stakeholders to ensure its success.”


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