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  • Thursday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:51:31
  • Food is a major part of human life and is also one of the reasons for the survival game. Most of the people work to attain minimal food for the day through all the odds. People struggle to earn every bit so to make sure that they can sleep full stomach by the end of the day. Lockdown has also given a new aspect to people by preparing what they love. Many have excellent the already inbuilt talent for making food; wherein, few have become the first-time chef of the house. Even online food ordering became the most entertaining thing that humans have experienced through the tough time. Such decision-making skills of getting the right food served or going out to dine fine is now way easier through great reviews posted by the food Bloggers. Akash Soni is one such name in the industry, who is known to have experience reviewing food across.

    Akash Soni is an experienced food blogger who has reviewed 450 plus reviews based on the experience. He has claimed to have 10k plus followers on Zomato and 60k plus Instagram followers keeping him busy throughout. He has been around the country reviewing all sorts of places and helping people choose the appropriate places to be. He is also the co-founder of Kitchensnaps18 with over 481 posts. Akash is also considered a huge influencer when it comes to online appearances because of his amazing skills to taste the untold stories of cuisines. His mind-blowing appetizing shots of food and the efficiency to explain the awesomeness of the flavors are the rarest quality that he has attained from a very young age. He has shared multiple reviews including Spice Republic (Borivali), Dinshaw (Borivali), Times Square (Borivali), Warehouse Kitchen (Malad), FISCO (Kandivali), Rike bar n terrace (Andheri), Phelia Lounge (Goregaon), Bora Bora (Juhu, MIDC, Andheri, and Bandra), Drinx exchange (Kandivali), Bottle (Malad), Hilton Mumbai (Andheri), Bombay Eatery (Borivali) and many more. He recently has been awarded the Growth Beath award as a blogger in Mumbai.

    Sources have mentioned that he has also been able to meet some highly celebrated individuals including Hrithik Roshan and Kapil Dev. From being a mindful influencer to an honest reviewer, Akash’s journey has been a 6-year long journey through which he was able to experience all sorts of cuisines across the country. His fans and followers on social media praise him for his recommendations. Akash is known to be a foodie by birth and an excellent observer. He has devoted most of his time understanding the flavors and review them on multiple platforms including Zomato. He is an inspiration for those who thought that a job like this does not exist and that it takes no effort to build such a high-profile experience.

    Akash Soni has often mentioned, ‘hard work is a must in every field. Mine may not be a typical profile that an individual might opt for but I believe it needs an equal amount of hard work to build this career. It is definitely a creative field to taste food and know if it is worth the spend and quality. I am glad that people now care about what they eat and want to also be feeling good about the quality of the food.


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