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  • Music creator and DJ Vikash Kaser on what gets you noticed

    Published on September 22, 2021

    Follow certain rules, and you’re all set to storm the music sphere, says the young talent.

    Certain industries attract due to its lucrative returns, music definitely being one of them. With the steady rise in opportunities, scores of people with the slightest of talent are crowding to enter the music industry, but in vain, unless they are remarkably talented, there’s no chance of getting anywhere near stardom. The point is certainly agreeable as no matter how loaded one is with talent, unless he doesn’t score way above all, the journey to the top would always remain a distant dream. Out of the many genres that represent the music realm, DJing is amongst the most sought after with hordes trying to break through into the zone to try their luck, sprucing up the competition game. “With a steady stream of talent trying to carve their own niche in this already overcrowded industry, it’s more difficult to get yourself noticed,” says Vikash Kaser, who is an established name in the field of DJing and music making. He says that getting there takes a lot of efforts and dedication, which can get you there eventually, but a few tips might expedite that process, helping you move in the right direction.

    Here are his views which might help aspiring artists build up their careers the right way.

    Immerse yourself in music: According to Vikash, to mark your presence strong, you need to put in your best efforts. The biggest of names have seriously focussed on building up their music careers, not thinking of quitting when faced with the gravest of challenges, and pursue the art seriously, till the efforts lead to success.

    Build a strong portfolio: A strong line of work helps build credibility, attracting more work. It’s very naive to have only a couple of remixes under your portfolio and expect you to get noticed, that’s definitely not happening, says Vikash. Any big or small name in the industry would like to see your versatility and body of work which include remixes, mash-ups and originals. If you haven’t dwelled into the original music zone, now is the time to do it.

    Join hands with the right talent: Team work gets you where it’s difficult to reach solely. You might be excellent in making music, whereas someone else would be an expert in marketing and getting you work. There it goes, a strong team can work wonders and get you right there, where you deserve to be.

    “Above all, have confidence in your work and strive hard to reach the top slot. Love your craft, believe in yourself, and the world will definitely be yours,” concludes Vikash.

    To know more, follow his Instagram on: www.instagram.com/vikashkaser.