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    Music Trailer launch of film Acid- Astounding Courage in Distress at Sahara Star

    Published on December 18, 2019

    By Sachin Murdeshwar

    Mumbai: PS films Craft International presents, Sourya music international production maiden venture Film ‘ACID’ is based on a true story which reflects the experiences of all the acid attack survivors.

    The trailer launch was a great experience which was held on 16th December’ 2019 at Sahara Star, Santacruz West, Mumbai.

    The event started with the leads Priyanka Singh and Man Singh along with our guests ACID VICTIMS AND REAL LIFE HERO, name can’t be disclosed right now, for the event Jitendra Gulati from Priya Videos, Pradeep Singh, Amina Israr, Lyrics writer Faiz Anwar, Sudarshan Ratan, Anil Chaurasiya, Farhan Khan and more.

    Everybody present out there appreciated the hardwork of the cast and crew for making this film with all the heart.

    The story speaks about the pain of the person who undergoes the trauma. In such a case, an acid attack survivor looses the confidence in themselves and the will power of living the life with pride.

    This film is has been picturised for people suffering such pain and help them learn to over come it, in the long run and live their lives with great enthusiasm and pride.

    It is said that ‘From being privileged to born as women, to feeling insecured to born as women, ‘TIME CHANGES’

    Thank you all the acid attack survivors to be apart of this trailer launch. It had really meaned a lot to us! It was an inspiration to have y’all around.

All the victims shared their painful experience of their traumatic life which broke down everyone in to tears. 

The film is releasing on 3rd January, 2020.

    Starring Priyanka Singh, Man Singh, Mamta Verma, Rangeela Rahi and others. The film is releasing by Israr Ahmed (Screenshot Media & Entertainment Group).


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