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  • Monday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:10:33
  • Myntra has launched a 3 minute video, featuring a customer for the first time.  Data driven insights indicate that she has been one of the most consistent shoppers on the platform, especially during EORS (End of Reason Sale) – Myntra’s flagship biannual sale, from the north-east region. Her name is Novi, a Mantrahomemaker with two daughters and passionate shopper of fashion, from Aizwal in Mizoram.

    A fashion forward individual, Novi’s tryst with Myntra goes back to the very first edition of EORS, 3 years ago when she began shopping for fashion products online. She has shopped extensively for herself and her family and also purchased the first dress for her daughter from Myntra. Taking note of her enthusiasm for fashion, Myntra decided to honor her and celebrate her as one of its most valued customers. Towards this, it has developed a short film with narration by Novi herself, where she talks about her experience as an enthusiastic, fashionable and cool homemaker. Her story is not just about shopping, brands or style, it is more about being trendy, the elated feeling of looking good and fashion being a way of life in the region.

    The film

    The video is called ‘MyntraUnforgettables with Novi’, where Novi briefly narrates her experience as a homemaker and a fashion forward individual from Mizoram.

    The film begins with a bird’s view of the mountainous landscape of Aizwal during monsoon and Novi describing it as a place having an old world charm with a new age vibe. She spent her entire life there and she feels, she was born in heaven. She is a stay at home mom by choice with two beautiful daughters and her husband is a doctor. As she describes this, the video takes us through hilly regions and old towns and shows her pet dogs at home. It then shows her moving about in Aizwal with her husband by her side in one of the shots and a glimpse of her daughters playing in the house.

    Novi then begins to describe her personality, more specifically her sense of fashion and describes fashion as ‘happiness’. She was always on the search for brands and one day she happened to find Myntra. Her husband George is also very selective about his fashion, one of their little daughters, Norelle is like a diva and the other, Aria, is the wise one and Novi loves to dress them up. She states that she was lucky as when Aria was about to be born, Myntra started its door-to-door delivery in that city and she shopped crazily for her new born during the end of reason sale, in fact her first dress was delivered by Myntra. The video also shows adverse conditions such as rain and difficult terrain that the delivery executive has to brave, in order to be able to deliver the package. EORS has now become a tradition in the family and everybody shops to their heart’s content during the sale. She goes on to state that we don’t realize how looking good makes us feel good, as it sparks up one’s personality, make the person feel confident and on top of the world. She describes herself and her personality as being part of a family that sticks together and celebrates together and experiences all up’s and down’s and life in style.



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