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  • Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital to organize liver health screening camps to observe World Hepatitis Day

    Published on July 22, 2016

    Liver ailments in the country, especially Hepatitis B and C, have afflicted a large section of the general population across economic classes. With a view to increasing awareness about early detection of liver diseases and sensitizing people on the need to follow proper treatment protocols, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital (NSSH) will be organizing free liver screening camps on July 24 and 30 in the hospital premises. While the camp on July 24, which is globally observed as World Hepatitis Day, will be open to the general public, the camp on July 30 has been organized for members of the Senior Citizens Club, an NSSH initiative.

    “We are sitting on a ticking time bomb with around 45 million people in India afflicted with Hepatitis B while 12-15 million people infected with Hepatitis C.  Both the diseases are slow killers and with prolonged gestation periods, have no visible symptoms. If Hepatitis B and C are not detected on time and treated, it can lead to cirrhosis of liver and ultimately liver cancer, which is the 4th largest fatal form of cancer. With timely administration of drugs and correct treatment procedures, Hepatitis B can be cured in 90% cases while remaining uncured in 10% cases while Hepatitis C is cured in 70% cases and can result in fatalities in 30% cases,” said Dr. Jayshri Shah, consulting Gastroenterologist, NSSH.

    Unlike heart problems and HIV which have received wider public attention through sustained government initiated media campaigns, the issue of liver problems has remained a largely neglected area. Till 1996, there was no information campaign on the widespread dangers of Hepatitis B and C which spreads like HIV. The government has arisen to the rising fatalities on account of Hepatitis B and C and have started a concerted information campaign to spread awareness about the dangers of these diseases.

    These who have undergone ear-piercing, tattooing and have taken treatment for jaundice should test themselves for diagnosing the onset of Hepatitis B and C.  Other Hepatitis variants are Hepatitis A and E which spread through infected food and contaminated water. They are easy to detect and can be cured through supportive treatment with no administration of antibiotics.


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