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  • Prominent leaders of Startup Ecosystem Shared Their Perspective On National Startup Day 2024

    Published on January 17, 2024

    National Startup Day, an annual celebration, celebrated on 16th of January, honors the entrepreneurial spirit driving innovation across diverse sectors. Recognizing the impact of startups in reshaping society and the economy, it serves as a platform to inspire, appreciate, and highlight the achievements of these ventures, fostering a culture of creativity and resilience.

    Quote attributed to Varun Tangri, Founder and CEO, QueueBuster, a leading, android-based POS solution-“On this National Startup Day, we celebrate the heartbeat of innovation, the spirit of resilience, and the unwavering determination of entrepreneurs.  As the founder of a retail tech startup, I understand the unique challenges (which are often opportunities) faced by our community. Startups are the architects of change, thriving in an ecosystem shaped by challenges. Despite facing funding fluctuations and market uncertainties, they stand strong, fueled by the support of government initiatives like the Fund of Funds for Startups and Startup India Seed Fund Scheme. The journey may be arduous, but our eyes are set on conquering 2024 and the years to come. With a renewed focus on sustainable success, the synergy of a robust economy, and the foundation laid by infrastructure developments, we, the entrepreneurs, are charting a course for a brighter, more resilient future for the Indian startup landscape.”

    Quote attributed to Yuvraj Shidhaye, Founder and Director, TreadBinary, a con-tech firm, that provides consultation, and customised tech solution for all business challenges-“In the ever-expanding digital landscape, startups are revolutionizing not just the IT sector but every facet of industry—from FMCG, Robotics, Logistics, Pharma, Bio Technology, Agriculture, Defence, and beyond. These innovative ventures are propelling aspiring entrepreneurs to unprecedented heights, reshaping societal and economic development across diverse domains.The IT Companies in India are playing a pivotal role in supporting these startups by providing essential tools for customer outreach, streamlining processes, and enabling efficient tracking.As the startup ecosystem continues to evolve, National Startup Day 2024 serves as a poignant reminder to celebrate the binary spirit propelling these ventures forward. In the wise words of startup guru Mr. Dhiru Bhai Ambani, “Ideas are no one’s monopoly. Think big, think fast, and think ahead.” This mantra encapsulates the essence of the entrepreneurial journey, encouraging a forward-thinking mindset and a relentless pursuit of innovation.”


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