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National Technology Day: New Technologies Creating Newer Opportunities For The HR Tech Sector

 In recent years, the Human Resources (HR) industry has undergone a significant transformation due to the rapid advancements in technology. With the emergence of advanced HR platforms, organizations can now streamline their HR processes and provide better services to their employees. HR tech players across India are reflecting on the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of work. Leaders in the industry are recognizing the impact technology is having on human lives and the value it brings to HR processes.

Vijay Yalamanchili, CEO of Keka, believes that technology is no longer just a catalyst for HR processes but a tool with transformative abilities that can shape the future of the human race. He is proud of his team that is constantly adding value through technology, making a positive impact on the lives of employees and businesses alike.

HR tech players across the country can work together to build a brighter future for the workforce. With technology as a powerful tool at their disposal, there are limitless possibilities for what can be achieved. Employee engagement is one of the important aspects of HR management and newer technologies are increasingly being used to improve and enhance it. HR tech solutions can help companies engage with their employees in a more meaningful and effective manner, leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Advantage Club’s Co-founder and CEO Sourabh Deorah recognizes the potential of emerging technologies such as AI, the metaverse, and virtual reality to transform the world of work. He believes that these advancements have the potential to revolutionize the HR industry, creating a more engaging and productive workforce. AI, for instance, will continue to help businesses make data-driven decisions and deliver better experiences for employees. The metaverse and virtual reality can create immersive and personalized experiences, allowing employees to connect and collaborate in new and exciting ways.

 HR tech tools can also facilitate employee feedback and provide opportunities for two-way communication. Employees can use these tools to provide feedback to their managers and HR teams, which can be used to identify areas of improvement and implement changes. Overall, HR tech solutions can play a vital role in improving not only employee engagement but streamlining the overall processes of the HR sector. As we celebrate National Technology Day, let us embrace these advancements with enthusiasm and optimism.

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