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  • National Technology Day Quote from Mr. Su Piow Ko, Vice President of AET Display Limited

    Published on May 13, 2024

    On National Technology Day 2024, AET Display celebrates the transformative role of technology in revolutionizing the advertising landscape, particularly through the proliferation of LED displays. LED technology has reshaped advertising strategies, replacing static billboards with dynamic displays that captivate audiences and amplify brand visibility. AET Display’s dedication to advancing LED technology is evident in our focus on Mini and Micro LED technologies. Our fully vertical integrated supply chain, equipped with automated COB manufacturing and cutting-edge packaging technologies like COB, MIP, and QCOB, sets us apart in the industry. Moreover, our commitment to research and development in Micro LED technology reinforces our pursuit of display excellence. Our R&D efforts encompass a range of technologies, including 2D/3D Nano Quantum Dot materials, QD LED Chips, Micro-LED Specialised Control ICs, Driver ICs, Embedded CPU Image Multiprocessing, and Micro Pitch LED Display Technology. These innovations aim to enhance display performance, optimize manufacturing processes, and seamlessly integrate Micro LED technology into our product lines. As we commemorate National Technology Day, AET Display looks forward to leveraging these advancements to shape the future of advertising and communication, offering advertisers unprecedented opportunities for engagement and success.


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