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Natural solutions to hair problems, now just for Rs.2, with new Himalaya shampoo sachets

  The Himalaya Wellness Company has introduced two new shampoos in Rs 2 sachet form: Dandruff Control Aloe Vera Shampoo and Hair Fall Control Bhringaraja Shampoo. This new launch is a part of the brand’s effort to be accessible to a larger audience and increase its penetration in the market. These shampoos are infused with natural ingredients that are carefully selected to provide effective hair care solutions.

Commenting on the new Launch, Mr Sushil Goswami, GM, Personal Care, Himalaya Wellness Company said, “At Himalaya, our aim has always been to provide our customers with affordable and effective wellness solutions. We understand that many people prefer this format for its affordability and convenience. By launching these shampoos in sachets, we aim to reach a larger audience who actively chooses this option. It is our commitment to listen to our customers’ preferences and provide them with innovative and accessible solutions for their hair care needs.”

The brand has launched two variants of this product to cater to commonly occurring hair problems – hair fall and dandruff. The Hair fall control Bhringaraja shampoo is effective in reducing hair fall with its unique blend of Bhringaraja and Palasha. Bhringaraja is an age-old ayurvedic herb that helps reduce hair fall and stimulates new hair growth. Palasha, on the other hand, strengthens hair strands and provides voluminous hair.

The Dandruff Control Aloe vera shampoo is specially formulated to fight dandruff and nourish the hair with the goodness of Aloe vera and Tea tree oil. Aloe vera calms the scalp, nourishes the hair, and keeps it soft and smooth, while Tea Tree Oil is an antifungal agent known to combat dandruff. With regular use, this shampoo will leave your scalp feeling refreshed and free of dandruff.

The Himalaya Dandruff Control Aloe Vera Shampoo and Hair Fall Control Bhringaraja Shampoo are also available across all general trade stores.

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