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  • Thursday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:53:59
  • By Kamayani Naresh, Health Expert and Founder of Zyropathy

     Any pain associated with the heart and chest is sure to induce fear. While it is best to consult a healthcare provider when you experience any heart-related ailment, there are a few lifestyles and dietary changes you can make in your daily life to prevent certain heart diseases from progressing. For example, supplements and certain ingredients from Zyropathy have proven to help improve heart health and boost the overall immunity of those who include them in their daily life. Here we talk about three common heart-related issues and how zyropathy recommended supplements can help heal the heart and enable it to return to a healthy state of functioning.

    Artery Blockage

    Coronary Artery blockage happens when arteries that supply blood to the heart gets choked and affect the heart’s functions.

    While most of the modern medical community believes artery blockage is due to high cholesterol levels, Zyropathy thinks it is due to excessive free radicals produced because of high oxidation in the peripheral cellular layers of the arteries. Free radicals get produced when your cells are generating energy. If your immune system cannot flush out the excess free radicals created, the pressure is exerted towards the blood stream flowing in the arteries and it starts bulging inwards against the high pressure blood flow creating a blockage. As the concentration of free radicals increases with time the arteries get choked and if the collaterals have not developed simultaneously with the same pace then possibility of heart attack can be ruled out.

    If cholesterol were the issue, then the blockage should have been along the artery walls in length and not point centric. Also the bulging would be outwards. It has been observed that in most of the artery blockage cases cholesterol levels are normal. Hence cholesterol which has been blamed all over the years for a reason behind the blockage is incorrect.

    So we at Zyropathy give a high dose of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and in turn remove artery blockage. We also provide supplements rejuvenate the heart. Herbs and naturally found ingredients like Arjuna, Echinacea, garlic, and Giloy Ghanvati help the body get rid of excess toxin buildup while boosting the hearts health and overall functions.

    Defect in the Valves

    The heart comprises four valves and chambers that help control blood movement through the sections. However, a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle can make the valves thin or thick and maybe even develop a hole. If you have a heart valve defect, it implies that the blood flow in the chambers is not correct. This will cause palpitation, erratic heart function, breathlessness and uneasiness. Usually, a change in diet and intaking supplements that strengthen heart muscles can help the heart from further becoming weaker.

    Zyropathy repairs the valve defects with a combination of supplements and dietary changes. Supplements like Jovial-SR, Zyomega, ZyCoQ10 and Z-Cee Premium have proven to help boost your heart valve function, as it helps in repairing valve conditions.

    Enlargement of Chambers

    When some or all the chambers of your heart get enlarged or distorted in size, it drastically affects the heart’s performance, and the heart is not able to pump the blood at the requisite pressure.

    In zyropathy, we recommend supplements that help the heart muscle strengthen, allowing the heart to become healthy and return to its usual shape in 6-8 months. Supplements combined with a change in diet and lifestyle recommended by a trained healthcare provider is one-way Zyropathy can help treat heart patients without any surgery, just with a combination of nutraceuticals and supplements without causing any damage and side effects.

    In Zyropathy, the core belief is that the human body is made of food, and hence only food can repair it. Secondly, the repairing agent that is Immunity within us has the ability to repair every organ provided it is strong and has all the ingredients required. Therefore, Zyropathy combines Ayurvigyan with modern medicines with food supplements to eradicate the ailment from the body. In other words, it is the contemporary and advanced form of Ayurveda. Zyropathy uses a combination of food supplements and zyro naturals to repair and rejuvenate every organ and organ system for healthy living without ailments..


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