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  • NCHAC CEM Debolal Gorlosa vows to promote tourism in Dima Hasao

    Published on September 16, 2021

    By Anup Biswas

    Haflong : With the aim of promoting tourism and culture in Dima Hasao, North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council Chief Executive Member Debolal Gorlosa, held a meeting with the officials of the line department viz. Tourism dept., Forest dept., Haflong Municipal Board and Information & Public Relations at the CEM’s conference hall on Thursday.

    A discussion was done to draw plans for making the district tourist friendly specially in district headquarter Haflong, Umrangso, Panimoor and Maibang. Stressing on how proper plan for waste management should not be undermined to attract tourists, CEM Debolal Gorlosa  instructed all the officials concerned to strictly monitor the littering and irresponsible waste dumping at the  public places specially at the tourist strategic locations.

    Naming few of the sites in Haflong such Muolpong gallery, Muolhoi view point, Abraham view point, Jatinga birds’ watching centre, Jatinga river and tunnel, around council campus, N.L Daulagupu stadium, botanical garden, around Haflong lake CEM strictly instructed the officials to keep an eye that no dumping of bottles and wastes are done by the people. He also mentioned about places in Maibang such as Sambudhan park, Stone house etc and in Umrangso golf field, Panimoor and other such tourism lucrative places to be kept hygienic and neat. He instructed Forest officials and Tourism depts. to keep vigil and anyone found violating the order is to be levied fine of Rs. 1000.

    Instructing the officials of the Haflong Municipal Board to install dustbins in parks and viewpoints cautiously at strategic locations, CEM said in order to encourage people to visit with family comprising of children and old, all the tourist sites should be clean and environment friendly for visit by every age group.

    Mentioning about how people should be more conscious about prospects of economic growth in tourism sector, if the places are made more tourists friendly, local people will get better earning opportunities, said the CEM. For this public as well, the respective departmental people should act responsibly. DIPRO & SDIPRO were instructed for repeated announcements using the public address systems and fixed loud speakers regarding various instructions as discussed during the meeting.


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