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  • Neonates Foundation of India to support critical care for Newborns- Children’s concert raises awareness

    Published on January 30, 2023

    BENGALURU : Neonates Foundation of India (NFI), a not-for-profit organisation, that helps underprivileged families access quality Neonatal Care, hosted a musical event ‘Bright Side’ to spread awareness about neonatal mortality in the country.

    The event saw a collective of 30+ performers aged from 6-21 years come together for an evening of music and dance at the Bangalore International Centre in Domlur.  Presiding over the function as chief guest was distinguished Paediatric Cardiologist and co-founder of the Telrad Group, Dr Sunita Maheshwari. Noted singer-composer Raghu Dixit was the guest of honour. The event also included talks from children who were in NICU and their parents. A beneficiary from the foundation also expressed his gratitude for how the foundation supported the treatment of his newborn, who needed NICU care. With a large audience turnout, the evening was hugely successful, drawing attention to the reality of neonatal deaths from underserved families of remote rural areas.

    Vishal Bali, General Council Member of Neonates Foundation of India, added, “Nearly 1600 new-borns die each day in India, with the rural population bearing the greater brunt from being locked out of access to quality infrastructure, trained doctors, and standardised care, all of which is centred in urban India. While we work with partners and hospitals to change this, we have our sights on saving 10,000 babies every year by making Neonatal Intensive Care services accessible to these babies both physically and through remote care”

    O.P Khanna, Founder of Needy Heart Foundation and General Council Member of Neonates Foundation of India, said, “ Through the Needy Heart Foundation we made cardiac surgeries accessible to a large number of not affording patients. Iam delighted to see the mission of  Neonates Foundation in making good quality NICU care accessible, which has drawn me close to their cause. Addressing an often-overlooked aspect of the healthcare delivery will encourage more discussions around reduction of neonatal mortality in India and ensure equal neonatal care to families from underprivileged backgrounds. We hope this awareness initiative will do the foundation a world of good and bring them and their work to wider notice.”

    NFI, led by its vision of reducing newborn mortality in India, is enabling underprivileged families to obtain high-quality neonatal care for critically ill babies. Through the partnered hospitals, the newborns will have access to world-class hospitalisation, medical services, and ambulatory care. NFI has currently partnered with Motherhood Women & Children’s Hospitals and Rangadore Memorial Hospital in Bangalore to offer specialised NICU care at a subsided cost. More hospitals around the country are coming into partnership with the foundation as they see the gap of neonatal care being addressed by the foundation. Thus far, the Foundation has already supported a significant number of babies from an underprivileged background.


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