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    Netix Global bags contract to upgrade and maintain Mazaya Business Avenue Jointly Owned Property buildings in UAE

    Published on December 21, 2020

    The three properties jointly owned by Mazaya Business Avenue will be operated and maintained under a connected buildings model, using Netix’s IoT and AI-based open protocol solutions.

    Dubai: Netix Global BV, a SB Group International subsidiary specializing in vendor-neutral building automation solutions, has been awarded a contract by SAGA International Owners Association Management Services, a leading real estate management company with diversified investments and projects across the Middle East, to upgrade and integrate the operations and maintenance of its three towers in Dubai.

    Mazaya Business Avenue Jointly Owned Property are an existing patron of ODS Global, a sister company of Netix Global BV that offers integrated building management services. The new contract reflects SAGA International’s continued faith in SB Group International and its subsidiaries, during an inflection point in the industry, marked by increased tech adoption and strategic partnerships.

    The three towers, which are currently equipped with ODS Global’ BMS maintenance and state-of-the-art automation systems, will undergo vendor-agnostic integration and consolidation of operational data, via Netix’s intelligent Integrated Command & Control Centre (iICCC). IoT-based integration of BMS and multi-OEM assets leads to improved services, reduced operational costs, optimal resource utilization, and exceptional performances.

    Netix’s iICCC process involves installation and integration of IoT and AI-based smart devices, to enable:

    • Hands-on, centralized control over portfolio data and operations
    • Real-time analytics insights, to enable data-driven decision making
    • Preventive and predictive maintenance of critical assets like HVAC
    • Reduced dependency on vendors and OEMs
    • Programmability and interoperability, for new services

    “The multifaceted challenges encountered by the commercial real estate industry during the pandemic have led to a focus on tech-enabled integration of building operations and management,” said Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman of the SB Group. “Netix’s enterprise-scale platform will allow Mazaya Business Avenue Jointly Owned Property to maximize efficiencies and savings on its existing BMS infrastructure, while unlocking enhanced experiences for occupants”.

    Mr. Samer Ganni, Managing Director of M/s. SAGA International Owners Association Management Services, the Owner Association Management company of Mazaya Business Avenue Jointly Owned Property, reiterated the need for intelligent, insight-led building operations, saying, “Vendor lock-in and reactive maintenance of individual equipment are at odds with present-day circumstances, which demand responsiveness, remote capabilities and seamless interoperability”.

    “Our prior association with ODS Global, and a first-hand perspective on achievable outcomes, contributed to our decision to extend the partnership with the SB group International. We are looking forward to implementing an integrated and connected operational model, with the help of Netix Global,” Mr. Samer Ganni added.

    Strategic partnerships between building owners and service providers are driving the next generation of integrated real estate business models. This trend draws upon increased emphasis on data security and sustainability in the built environment, and enhancing the ability of service providers to deliver to best-in-class service standards, consistently.