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  • New Genesys Cloud Integration with Microsoft Teams Drives Productivity and Collaboration

    Published on July 23, 2020

    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa:Genesys® (www.Genesys.com), a global leader in cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions, has expanded its Microsoft partnership with a new, native integration. Microsoft Teams and Genesys Cloud™, the all-in-one solution and one of the world’s leading public cloud contact centre platforms, are now fully integrated, giving employees a more connected, intuitive and productive experience. As a result, contact centre agents can collaborate with any employee using Teams so they can resolve customer issues faster and deliver better service.

    Genesys Cloud and Teams make collaboration easy for contact centres

    Today, contact centre employees work in several different systems across multiple devices, constantly toggling back and forth. This adds inefficiency and friction, stifling collaboration efforts and making it more time consuming and cumbersome to serve customers. Together, the integrated solutions address these challenges and enable employees to call Teams users throughout their organisation, all from within Genesys Cloud.

    Bridging the gap between the front and back office

    When agents need to consult with a subject matter expert outside of the contact centre, they can use the integrated directory, search and presence features to find the Teams user with the right expertise from within their Genesys Cloud desktop. They can determine availability and collaborate in real time with a single click.

    For example, if a customer asks a question about a loan for a new holiday home while on a support call, an agent can quickly find an available mortgage specialist to help address the issue during the interaction. This facilitates teamwork, knowledge sharing and results in faster resolution for customers.

    “We are thrilled to add yet another element to our long-standing partnership with Microsoft, which marks an important step forward in helping our customers deliver on the promise of Experience as a Service,” said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager, Genesys Cloud. “With more than 75 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams is a predominant unified communications and productivity tool for thousands of enterprise organisations. By integrating our platform with Teams, employees can draw upon expertise from anywhere in the organisation so they can provide experiences tailored for every customer.”

    Mike Ammerlaan, Director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem marketing at Microsoft said, “More organisations recognise that employees throughout the business contribute to outstanding customer experiences – not just those in the contact centre. The Genesys Cloud and Microsoft Teams integration helps ensure employees are equipped with the right tools to collaborate with colleagues across the enterprise while benefitting from features like advanced routing, call recording and interaction analytics to deliver consistent service.”

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