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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:10:40
  • Bengaluru: A political party, Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP), with a vision to make Bengaluru a model city and having an ideology of good grassroots governance, was launched in the city today. The party will focus only on the municipal elections in the Greater Bengaluru Area, primarily the BBMP. BNP seeks to follow the objective of sustainable, inclusive and balanced development of Bengaluru.


    Founded by a few passionate denizens of Bengaluru, the members of the party include people who have worked tirelessly at the grassroots over the past few years. The members, through the various platforms, have brought about changes at the grassroots in the fields of solid waste management, animal welfare, water conservation, wastewater management, clean energy, good roads, education, healthcare, etc.


    “Bengaluru has been witnessing a rapid deterioration in the overall quality of living with a water crisis, bad roads, poor garbage management, stinking stormwater drains, frothing lakes, etc. And there does not seem to be an end in sight. The existing parties and elected representatives have completely failed us,” said N S Mukunda, Governing Council Member of BNP.


    “A number of citizens have been fighting for the cause of Bengaluru through various platforms which have yielded good results over the past few years. However, these solutions are at the local area level and most problems of the city still remain unaddressed. It is time for the denizens of Bengaluru to unite and bring about the change that we desire and deserve,” said Prathap Rao, Governing Council Member of BNP.


    “Through BNP, we aim to bring about a change by fighting the system from the inside, rather than from the outside. We believe that local governance is all about execution which has so far been grossly lacking due to a variety of factors. BNP commits itself to keep the Bengaluru denizen at the core and work towards delivering the basic amenities like pothole-free roads, garbage-free localities, sewage-free storm water drains, working street lights and so on,” said Srikanth Narasimhan, Governing Council Member of BNP.


    BNP has committed itself to representing the interests of every stakeholder of Bengaluru — be it animals, trees, lakes, the environment or the citizens. The face of the party is the most important person in Bengaluru today – the Bengaluru citizen, whether living in a slum or an apartment, whether working as a domestic help or as an IT professional, whether a young student or an elderly citizen.


    With a team having experience in different facets, BNP would create manifestos for the various functions of BBMP as well as ward-level manifestos which will be a benchmark for what needs to be done for the city.


    With the party seeking to contest all 198 wards in the BBMP elections, its basis lies in the support from the Bengaluru denizen who is yearning for a change in the governance of Bengaluru.


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