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  • New research from Herbochem reveals unexpected health benefits of Ashwagandha extract

    Published on March 4, 2024

    Mumbai : With a rich heritage spanning over five decades, Herbochem stands as a stalwart in the realm of botanical extracts, embodying the legacy of India’s venerable herbal extraction enterprises. As a pioneering herbal supplement manufacturer, Herbochem takes pride in unveiling the findings of a recent study conducted by its dedicated team of researchers. This study illuminates the remarkable health advantages offered by Ashwagandha extract, shedding light on its potential to enhance holistic well-being.

    Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, has been revered for centuries for its adaptogenic expertise. It boasts healing constituents that facilitate stress management and foster vitality within the body. One of its key attributes lies in its classification as an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body cope with stress. By controlling mediators of stress, including heat shock proteins (Hsp70), cortisol, and stress-activated c-Jun N-terminal protein kinase (JNK-1), Ashwagandha plays a crucial role in maintaining overall well-being.

    Research suggests that Ashwagandha supplements can significantly reduce perceived stress and cortisol levels, leading to improved sleep quality. Athletes may also find Ashwagandha to be a worthwhile supplement, as studies indicate beneficial effects on athletic performance. Furthermore, Ashwagandha has been associated with reduced anxiety. Beyond stress management and mental health, Ashwagandha may boost testosterone levels and improve fertility in men. While more research is needed, it shows promise in regulating blood sugar levels and relieving inflammation. Traditionally, Ashwagandha has been used to enhance concentration and cognitive function.

    Mr. Karthik Kondepudi, Partner at Herbochem, said, “The outcomes of the research are truly helpful, and it uncovers Ashwagandha as a multifaceted health supplement. Herbochem stands for its long-term commitment to natural extracts and deep-rooted belief in the healing power of Ashwagandha”.


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