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  • New York-Based Artist Tarik Currimbhoy Brings His Sculptures to India Art Fair

    Published on February 1, 2024

     New York-based sculptor Tarik Currimbhoy, known for his expertise in the arts, industrial design, and architecture, is set to showcase his renowned reverse curve sculptures at the 15th Edition of the India Art Fair (booth PO7) . Trained in the arts, industrial design, and architecture, Tarik’s artistic journey explores tranquility, simplicity, and tactility, manifested in the purity of both form and material across architecture and sculpture.

    Inspired by ancient architectural principles of tension and compression, his sculptures, initially rooted in stone, evolved into dynamic expressions in metal and wood, conveying stories of structure and gravity.

    “I am fascinated by a ball bouncing, boats sailing, the pendulum of a clock swaying. These are forces of energy in nature that inspire me deeply. With this, I create my sculptures. The DIYA and reverse curve sculptures were also such an inspiration, and I’m excited to have them displayed at the India Art Fair,” said Tarik Currimbhoy .

    Tarik’s sculptures, ranging from table-top pieces to monumental installations, have garnered international acclaim and are housed in collections across America, Europe, South America, Singapore, the Middle East, and India. Notable installations include a kinetic “Cobra” sculpture at the Museum of Photography and Art in Bangalore, “Rockers” sculptures at Bengaluru International Airport, and a “Curl” sculpture at the Dubai International Financial Center. His work has been featured at prestigious institutions such as Sotheby’s in New York and Christie’s in London. His sculptures, including the distinctive DIYA and reverse curve sculptures, exemplify a trifecta of artistic prowess

    Tarik’s presence extends beyond sculpture; for the past 40 years, he has led his own architecture and design firm, and as the Principal of Sana Stone, he combines modern design with ancient Indian handcrafting techniques in stone.

    Tarik Currimbhoy’s artistic journey brings his acclaimed sculptures, including the DIYA and reverse curve sculptures, to the India Art Fair.  This provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts to experience firsthand the interplay of tranquility, simplicity, and tactility that defines Tarik’s creations. His presence at the fair promises to enrich the cultural landscape with his explorations of gravity, balance, movement, and stasis, encapsulating the allure of form and material.


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