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  • Newborn Makes Miraculous Recovery at Sarvodaya Hospital

    Published on February 28, 2024

     Sarvodaya Hospital, a multispecialty tertiary care facility in Greater Noida West has witnessed a remarkable tale of resilience and hope as they successfully saved a newborn facing critical health challenges.  The infant was admitted to the hospital in a state of respiratory arrest, bradycardia, severe hypothermia, and shock, presenting a complex medical challenge for the healthcare team.

    Sharing details of the complicated case, Dr Archana Yadav, Senior Consultant – Paediatrics & Neonatology Sarvodaya Hospital said, “Upon examination, the baby exhibited severe respiratory distress, cyanosis, and absent pulses, requiring immediate CPR resuscitation, ventilation, and medication to stabilize blood pressure. Despite grim initial indicators, including a low pH level of 6.9 (normal range 7.3), the medical team pursued aggressive treatment. The baby experienced seizures, gastric bleeding, and sepsis, necessitating meticulous management, including transfusions and specialised antibiotics.”

    Despite the daunting circumstances, team Sarvodaya immediately initiated a comprehensive treatment plan to stabilise the baby’s condition and facilitate his recovery. Throughout the challenges, the baby battled courageously through each complication, aided by dedicated parental support. Miraculously, after 15 days of intensive care, the baby was discharged from the hospital, free from long-term complications.

    “We faced a tough road ahead, but our team was fully committed to providing the best care possible,” he added.

    Over the following weeks, the baby received intensive medical support, including ventilator assistance, inotropes, surfactant therapy, multiple blood transfusions, and intravenous immunoglobulin treatment. The collective efforts of the medical staff, combined with the family’s unwavering support, played a crucial role in the baby’s journey to health.

    Despite facing financial challenges, the family chose to continue treatment at Sarvodaya as they were deeply appreciative of the care their child was receiving at the hospital.

    As the baby prepared to leave the hospital, emotions ran high and the family embraced the milestone moment. Tears of relief and joy flowed freely as the father held his newborn son, expressing profound gratitude as he said ‘My baby is born today’.


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