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  • News18 Bangla voices for cleaner water bodies, creates awareness with ‘SANKALPA- The Pledge for the pollution-free river’

    Published on February 16, 2022

    ~ The channel has introduced a 4 week-long campaign to raise awareness on various river pollution problems and how to diminish them. ~

    Rivers of India are the essential lifelines of the country. Growing river pollution has raised much concern. It’s time we join hands and work towards a cleaner, sustainable environment. Considering these alarming changes in the environment, News18 Network has taken the resolution to rebuild a pollution free world with their initiative- SANKALPA -The Pledge. This Platform has always been at the forefront focusing on real concerns that echo the voice of the common man. Apart from showcasing the issues and facts, News18 Network has also taken a step ahead in resolving various other consequences. Their last month’s campaign, SANKALPA — The Pledge for a Green World, held by News18 Bangla in Kolkata was a success. In continuation to that positive approach, the channel has come up with another 4-week-long environmental campaign for the month of February called SANKALPA – The pledge for the pollution-free river. This time it is about saving rivers from drying up and ensuring clean, uncontaminated water bodies to promote healthy living.

    For the uninitiated, Bengal is probably the only state in India that has snow-capped mountains of Himalayas in the north and Bay of Bengal in the south. This interesting geographical construct forming a natural slope allows hundreds of rivers to cross overland towards the Bay of Bengal resulting in the development of countless other bodies of water.  However, over the past 100 years, many rivers have perished in Ganges Delta (Bengal) due to thoughtless and inconsiderate human intervention. Noticing this dreadful change in Bengal’s river-rich geography, News18 Bangla has stepped in to create awareness among the people about the several issues that are crucial for our development.

    This 4-week-long campaign will raise concern and consciousness among people by featuring different stories each week on critical issues like river pollution, rivers on the verge of extinction, increasing salinity in river water, riverbank erosion, etc. Additionally, this campaign will also involve discussions with experts and stakeholders. Furthermore, SANKALPA-The pledge for the pollution-free river will also encourage individuals, public and private bodies, discuss their stories and journey towards their fights against the issue.

    Take part in this initiative and witness the needful changes required to make our rivers pollution free. Tune in Every Saturday, 6.30 PM, only on News18 Bangla, to follow the latest updates and discussions around the campaign.

    Let us join hands for a better tomorrow!


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