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Nexzu Mobility Honors IPL 2024’s Dark Horse: Tushar Deshpande Steals the Spotlight

 Bengaluru  – Nexzu Mobility, an innovative urban transportation solution provider, celebrates and recognizes remarkable performances of Tushar Deshpande, throughout the 2024 IPL season. Nexzu has presented the budding cricketer with stylish Rompus+ electric bicycles as an expression of appreciation for their outstanding performances for the teams and supporters.

Mr. Chintamani Sardesai, Business Head Nexzu Mobility said; “We all at Nexzu are delighted to see what Tushar has accomplished during this IPL season. He is definitely the dark horse of the season and may be the future of Indian cricket. Offering him with our Rompus+ Electric Cycle is our way of appreciating their dedication, hard work, and the inspiration he provides to cricket enthusiasts everywhere. Furthermore, Tushar has a personality that aligns with our brand values of dependability, delivering in trying circumstances, and fostering trust among customers.”

Rompus+ is the sportier offering sporting from the Nexzu Stable. It comes with a 5.2Ah Li-ion battery, which can reach up to speeds of 25km/h. Made with Cold Rolled Steel, the bike can travel a distance of 33kms in the throttle mode on a full charge. It comes with a 26-inch puncture resistance nylon tube tyres fitted with dual disc Brakes. Rompus+ also comes with three ride modes, a comfy cushioned seat to provide maximum support and comfort during the ride.  

Nexzu Mobility stands at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution, blending cutting-edge technology, impeccable design, and eco-conscious values to reshape urban transportation. To meet the needs of both B2B and B2C markets, Nexzu Mobility has created and engineered three aspirational EV-cycles: Rompus+, RoadLark, and Bazinga which are available at an affordable price. The indigenously developed products are 95% localised with in-house developed powertrain system and are manufactured in Pune. Nexzu EV-cycles are developed, keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers’, rethinking cycling and expanding the boundaries of sustainable transportation.

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