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Nexzu Mobility organises ‘Creativity on Wheels’ challenge to celebrate World Art Day

 Bengaluru : Nexzu Mobility, an innovative urban transportation solution provider, organises ‘Creativity on Wheels’, a digital design challenge to celebrate World Art Day on April 15. The brand extends an invitation to all design enthusiasts to showcase their talent by submitting their own rendition of Nexzu EV Cycles.

Mr. Chintamani Sardesai, Business Head, Nexzu Mobility, said, “We believe that cycles serve as more than just transportation; they are also statements of individuality and style. And whether the target audience is a commuter, a professional cyclist, or a recreational rider, it’s a difficult task for designers to produce graphics that not only look good but also speak to them. Through this initiative, we hope to gather insights, perspectives, and ideas from our new-age consumers. We urge everyone who has an artistic spirit to participate in our “Creativity on Wheels” initiative to demonstrate their individuality.”

The ‘Creativity on Wheels’ challenge is an opportunity for individuals to uniquely design a graphic for the frame of a Nexzu EV-cycle. Enthusiasts over the age of 5-year can participate in the challenge by submitting their versions of graphics by April 18. The most creative submission out of the pool of entries will get a chance to win special prices from the brand. Participants can download the frame of the EV-cycle from the official website of Nexzu Mobility ( https://nexzu.in/world-art-day-2024/ ) and add their colours and designs to it before uploading the file.

Apart from marking the birthday of one of the most famous artists, Leonardo da Vinci, World Art Day is celebrated every year to honour the contributions of various artists and to promote its importance in everyone’s life. Art has a big impact on a vehicle’s identity and brand in the auto industry. It honours the intersection of automotive design and creativity, recognising vehicles as creations of art that, in addition to serving as means of transportation, capture ingenuity, technological advancement, and cultural evolution.

To meet the needs of both B2B and B2C markets, Nexzu Mobility has created and engineered three aspirational EV-cycles: Rompus+, RoadLark, and Bazinga available at an affordable price.  The indigenously developed products are 95% localised with in-house developed powertrain system and are manufactured in Pune. Nexzu EV-cycles are developed, keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers’, rethinking cycling and expanding the boundaries of sustainable transportation.

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