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  • Thursday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:01:55
  •  New Delhi : In a stunning debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2024, Niki Mehra set the style bar high, representing Indian creators on the global stage with grace and elegance. Making her mark on the prestigious red carpet, Niki collaborated with Colorbar, which also made its grand entrance as the World Premiere of Magic. This partnership marked the inaugural year of Colorbar’s association with the influencer at Festival De Cannes, and Niki truly epitomized the glamour and magic that Colorbar stands for.

    Niki’s radiant look was achieved using Colorbar’s beauty essentials. She used the Crystal Glow Face Gloss in the shade Golden Gaze, which gave her makeup a soft, ethereal glow. Her lips were adorned with Colorbar’s Sinful Lip Gloss, adding an attractive and refined finish to her overall makeup.

    For her first red carpet appearance, Niki radiated confidence and style in a Hacchic Couture gown. The dove-white attire shone perfectly on her, embodying elegance and sophistication. Her second look was a bold and glamorous Jolipoli couture gown, which was bright and eye-catching, making her stand out exceptionally and demonstrating her versatility in fashion.

    Niki Mehra flawlessly embodied the theme of Colorbar, ‘Made of Magic.’ This theme resonates with the brand’s belief that everyone has the right to express themselves and unleash the magic within. Colorbar encourages diving into a world of magic with confidence, allowing individuals to reveal their inner thoughts, ideas, and dreams through beauty and style.

    Niki’s stunning appearances at Cannes not only highlighted her as a fashion icon but also emphasized Colorbar’s mission to empower individuals to explore and express their unique magic. This debut was a celebration of beauty, creativity, and the transformative power of makeup, making a lasting impression on the global stage.


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