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  • Sunday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:55:44
  • Mumbai: Life is full of setbacks and challenges for everyone, but those born with disability face far more hardship than the average person. Mainstream culture and society do precious little in terms of opportunities for self reliance. 

    Frequently portraying differently-abled people as incapable of achieving crucial goals. Nilotpal Mrinal, an entrepreneur, activist, and thoughtful leader, found interestingly that polio aided him rather than hindering him.

     It fueled his passion to reach greater heights, tread the road less taken! Entrepreneurship is one such interest. Hailing from the capital City of Bihar, a middle-class boy plagued by polio since birth, came to the City of dreams to fulfil his ambitions& achieve his goal. 

    After 12 years of relentless hard work and struggle in Mumbai, he became a successful entrepreneur! So much so that today he provides give employment to 50 people with the mission and vision to work towards their empowerment. All under the mantle of Divyaang!

    Life in a metro is not easy. It is difficult to survive with limited money in an expensive City like Mumbai. In his struggling days, he had only Rs. 7000 given by his parents and it got finished in 5 days itself! After that, he started working hard to establish himself to fulfil his needs as well as dreams. 

    Though Disability has lots of disadvantages, Nilotpal always took challenges head on. Whit a positive spirit he started developing his brand after completing his MBA. He started the business with just 5 lakhs initial capital and now the group company GMV’s every year turnover is around 25 Crore! Nilotpal dedicates his success to God’s grace and the unconditional support of family. 

    Dreams are big, aspirations are very huge even as Nilotpal is working simultaneously to bring physically challenged people to the mainstream industry and give them an equal footing in  society . The problem and challenges are more but dedication and effort towards society are also more, says Nilotpal. He was the one who actively participated in campaign for Sushant Singh Rajput on Social a media. He is the voice of SSRIANS. 

    Not only this, he is the unheard voice of several other people suffering from disability and suppressed by society. He works for their welfare and is never afraid to stand for the right. Nilotpal wants to be a Role Model for Divyaang as a Disabled champion! As he has successfully defeated Disability and it suits him well as he has became an inspiration to Divyaang and will take their life at a different extent. 

    by sachin murdeshwar