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  • Saturday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:27:09
  • Entrepreneurship has been rising as a prestigious job these days and everyone is giving it a try on their behalf, even though they’re not interested or skilled. Now imagine the level of success a person can achieve if he has all the qualities required to be not just a simple entrepreneur but a versatile one, having experience in a lot of different fields. Nitesh Seth has been practising his professional skills for quite some time now. He was born and brought up in Amritsar, Punjab in a Business Class Family.

    Clearly evident, Nitesh Seth has been influenced by his own household for quite some time, motivating him to invest more in businesses and business organisations, learning as he goes. His organisation is associated with a number of things, including prestigious clients, the food, retail and fashion industry.

    Nitesh Seth has a better insight into entrepreneurship than others because he has worked with a lot of Fortune 500 companies such as ADP and Aon Hewitt. Also, Mr  Seth has a complete idea of how the service industry works and nitigrities that are involved in running a business.

    Nitesh Seth started his own organisation S2O- Start Selling Online to focus on the eCommerce industry and later started My Shipper to simplify the process of logistics for small businesses.

    The next thing up is his family business, which can be stated as a major point of inspiration that still plays a role in his life. Following the success of other ventures, Mr Seth founded Moda Chales to mainly focus on E Retailing of Shawls, Ethnic wear and Indian wear on Leading marketplaces across India and has plans to make Moda Chales a global brand. We know how the present times call for Indian made clothing and accessories because we have been boycotting foreign goods for quite some time in order to boost our economy and also our cultural intellect.

    The list of his Successful ventures does not end here. He is also a renowned Digital Assets Coach and has been teaching many college-going students and young entrepreneurs to make passive income.

    And what is the point of having so much extra income to lie around if he does not contribute to society as well? Nitesh Seth is a true role model. He makes sure to contribute to society as well, especially the less fortunate ones who can use any form of help that they can gather. Some of the NGOs that he has donated to include Voice of Amritsar, and Rang De.

    Follow the example, you only get back as much as you give. Check out Moda Chales meanwhile, you might fall in love with what they have to offer, Trendy, Versatile and a wide range to choose from!


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